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What, where and why Police Auctions are a great source of cars?

  Why do people even bother to attend police auctions? Well, the answer is very simple; the police seize properties of all kinds, cars, houses, motorcycles… you name it. But since we need to know more about how you can score yourself a good deal on a car, we will strictly talk about police auto auctions.

Police auctions sell a lot of seized cars to the public, mainly because they need the money for other purposes. They sell great used cars for really mediocre prices. You can get yourself a Ferrari, although that is very rare, with a middle class working man budget, you see my point here, police auctions are for those who know the meaning of good deals.

There are disadvantages to police auctions though; you need to have your money ready with you if you intend to buy the car you have bid on.  Or at least agree to finance it in a short period of time. Again, that can be a major drawback to police auctions.

You should be very careful when bidding on a car, before doing so, you should take a look at the car you want to buy, verify every detail of it, because you don’t get any insurance or anything like that with the car. So, if something happens, you will end up spending way more money on repairing what went wrong.

What might look like a bargain will end up costing you so much money that you will spend in car repair shops. So, before starting, make sure the car is indeed a good deal.

The best thing to do at police auctions is to learn all about auctions’ rules, tips and tricks. You can get a lot of free courses online that can make this task easier for you. We have a good example of a course that will make your police auction experience easier, check for a free 5 day course on how to benefit the most from auctions.  This course will teach you a lot about auctions in general, not just about police auctions.

A word of advice, one can either get a really good deal or can’t. Because once you pay, you can’t return the car or get a refund. So, while checking out the available cars, you should know the real Value of it, because most of the times, people believe some cars are really expensive and end up buying them for a high price, and in reality the car they bought only costs half of that price. So, do you homework carefully before rushing into buying a car that looks expensive but is really not.

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