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What to Check before You Sign Your Car Buying Documents

You are all excited and ready to drive your car home, but before that you need to sign on some documents which will legally make the car yours. Since it is a big investment, the buyer should be extra cautious and pay attention to detail, going through every single statement on the documents.  No point fretting over it after buying the car and taking it home, to discover that the engine does not work well, or that the air conditioning is functioning alright. These would leave you spending extra in fixing the problems, so its better to have a check list and go through them before signing on the car buying documents.

1. Engine condition
o Does the engine work well?
o Are you able to start the car with the turn of the ignition key or does it take time to rev up?
o Is there adequate engine oil?
o How is the condition of the radiator? Is there enough water to keep it cool and going?

 2. Check the body of the car
  Do a thorough inspection of the body of the car, both inside and outside.  This will tell you 
  the quality of pain job, and if there is rust or peeling anywhere.
     3. Tyres and extra fittings
o When driving the car, do the tyres work smoothly; around sharp turns and on any kind of surface. This will tell you if the car is ready for the road, or if you need to spend on fixing the tyres.
o Also check the extra fittings that come with the car, like the alarm system and music system. Do they work alright or need a bit of tweaking. No point in having an alarm      system that fails with tampering.
o Another aspect to check is if there are air bags in the driver’s steering wheel. This is       essential since it will save your life if you get into a collision or are in an accident.

4. Ownership Documents
Does the dealer create forms that transfer the ownership to your name? or do you have to do the registration and transfer deed on your own?
If you need to do this on your own, it will cost you, so make sure to get it done by the dealer and all these details sorted out ahead of signing the deed.

5. Pending Payments on the vehicle
Has the previous owner cleared any payments that are due on the vehicle? This is an important question to ask the dealer because otherwise it might fall on your head to meet those payments.  If there are dues, then reconsider the purchase or get a sign off from the previous owner or dealer that they will make the necessary payments on their own.

6. Warranty
What is the duration of warranty that comes with the car and is the relevant documents attached with the sale deed? This is essential to protect your interest in the future, in case of any repairs or unpleasant surprises.

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