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What Can a Motor Show Tell You About Used Cars?

The main reason that people attend a motor show is to get a glimpse of the future.  However, if you know what to look for, you can identify trends in new cars that will quickly affect the price of used cars.  This is particularly important if you are in the market for a used car or plan to be looking for another vehicle in the foreseeable future.  Here is a quick look at some of the latest trends at motor shows and what it means to used car buyers.

Going Green

It isn't necessarily breaking news that more automobile manufacturers are going green, however over the last year, there has been a huge burst in green auto technology.  This is not only electric hybrids, but in many countries natural gas is also being used as well.  In fact, several European countries have gas stations that include both gasoline and natural gas pumps.  These types of trends, if they prove economical, will often find their way to America.  Additionally, with the growing emphasis on driving Eco-friendly cars, you will see a continual decrease in the cost of used cars that run solely on gasoline.  If everyone wants Eco-friendly cars, then gas only cars have a lower demand, which leads to lower prices.

New Looks

Every few years, car manufacturers will completely redesign the look and feel of their new models.  Whenever this happens, previous models will quickly lose their value.  If you are looking for a quality used vehicle at a low price, then you should always keep an eye out for these changes.  Another thing to keep an eye on is what features are now considered to be standard to the new models.  As these features become standardized, they do not carry as high of a value in used vehicles.  That means that you will pay less and get more for quality used cars with additional features that used to be considered premium, but are now considered standard.

Changing Demands

Another issue that is worth paying attention to at motor shows is the changing demands on behalf of buyers.  For example, right now larger “gas guzzlers” are definitely not the most popular as the economy remains weak and gas prices remain high.  Because of this, many manufacturers are focusing more on gas efficient vehicles.  If you have always wanted a large, powerful SUV, then now is the time to buy a used one because there is a lower demand for them.  A great example of this is the new Dodge MPV.  It is targeting younger buyers, who used to be the main target market for large SUV's.  However, it is blending both efficiency and practicality, while still remaining sporty.  That means that used vehicles such as the Grand Caravan and the Journey will start to become much less expensive.

While most people go to motor shows only to get a glimpse of the future for new cars, they are just as useful for creating a strategy for saving money on used cars as well.  You can look at growing trends, such as an emphasis on going green, keep an eye out for major make and model redesigns, and key on changing consumer demands and how auto manufacturers are reacting to it.  All of this information will help you save big on your next used vehicle.

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