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If you are looking to take advantage of Wayne County public auctions for cheap cars then there are a few tips which can save you thousands of dollars.  Finding success at an auto auction relies on the same principles as any other type of auction.  If you show up without a clear strategy or intent, then you are left at a severe disadvantage.  Fortunately, even a rudimentary strategy can put you ahead of 90 percent of everyone else there.

1.  Now Is the Perfect Time to Take Advantage of Wayne County Public Auctions for Cheap Cars

There are certain seasons or years when public auctions still provide the same number of opportunities as others.  If you have been hesitant to get involved with public car auctions then now is the time to jump in.  Since Detroit is the driving force behind Wayne County, its economic characteristics can largely dictate the type of deals you will find at auto auctions.  Since the 1980s, Detroit has consistently seen its population dwindle.  Between 2000 and 2010, the population of Wayne County dipped nearly 12 percent and further decreases are expected to be the future trend.

This is essential to keep in mind when looking for deals at local public auctions.  As more people move away from the Wayne County area, car dealerships and local private sellers will continue to have a difficult time getting rid of their inventory.  This results in a significantly larger number of vehicles being added to public auctions.  Any time there is a surplus at auction, the average price per vehicle decreases.  This means you have a unique opportunity to save even more at Wayne County public auctions and bring home a cheap car without sacrificing on quality.

2.  Create a List of Target Vehicles before the Auction Begins

One of the most common reasons people overspend at Wayne County public auctions is because they didn’t realize what the actual market value of the vehicle was.  The listings for each auction are made available to the public well in advance.  By looking through these listings, you should be able to create a short list of five or ten vehicles which are particularly interesting to you.  This will give you ample opportunity to do any relevant research about the given vehicle.

At some public auctions, you may notice that there are a handful of specific models which seem particularly abundant.  In the situation, you may choose to learn as much is possible about the market value of each model rather than an individual vehicle.  This will allow you to place informed bids on a larger pool of target vehicles without sacrificing the level of research you complete before the auction.

3.  Stay Organized

There is no benefit to creating a list of target vehicles at an auction if you can’t manage to stay organized throughout the entire process.  In the end, it doesn’t matter how you decide to stay organized – as long as you do.  For most people, a simple notebook is more than enough to store all of the information they need about a particular make, model, for specific car.

If you are not organized, there are two common situations you may find yourself in.  The first is that you miss the auction altogether.  If you can keep all of your basic information organized, it becomes easy to miss the Wayne County public auction you were interested in.  While you will likely be able to find another one being held soon, you will have to redo all of your research based upon the new auctions listing.  The second potential issue is that you miss out on a great deal because you were searching for information about the vehicle while it is on the auction block.  It does you no good to have all of the information you need to spot a great deal if you can’t access it when you need it.  Car auctions can move extremely fast, especially if you aren’t used to the pace.  This makes having all of your information readily accessible incredibly important.

4.  Don’t Focus Solely on Detroit

While Detroit is undoubtedly the driving force behind Wayne County, that doesn’t mean it should be your entire focal point.  A majority of the public car auctions will be in the Detroit area; however there are always outline auctions which you can take advantage of.  Most people will stay in Detroit for their auctions.  This gives you a unique opportunity to attend smaller auctions and find the cheap cars at rock-bottom prices.  While smaller auctions do mean that your overall selection will be smaller, less competing bidders also makes the prices significantly lower.  Along with general public auctions, surrounding cities and towns will also hold their fleet and police seizure auctions as well.

5.  Take Advantage of Current Technologies

One of the most powerful technologies that you can leverage when using Wayne County public auctions to find cheap cars is online auction websites.  The key is choosing an online auto auction website which has all the tools you need.  The most important thing to consider is how they provide their information.  A high quality website will give you access to all of the available listings for public auctions in the Wayne County area.  Not only should you get access to the listings, but they should be compiled in a centralized location.  Not only will this help keep you organized, but it can also help you decide which auctions are the most likely to provide you with the best deals on cheap cars.

The best websites will often allow you to place your bids online rather than having to show up to the auction house.  You will normally be able to place a proxy bid before the auction begins and sometimes have the opportunity to place bids in real time as the auction is going on.  Both of these options give you an opportunity to take advantage of low prices public auctions in Wayne County will offer without the risk of getting caught up in the action and overbidding.

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