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Washington State Car Auction for Bargains

More people are searching out a Washington State car auction for bargains than ever before.  Washington State has always be a great resource for anyone who is on the prowl for great deals on quality used vehicles.  There are a number of different types of vehicles that will end up in these auctions, so it is entirely up to you to decide what you want.

Almost everyone who has heard discussions about government auto auctions understand that the most common type of vehicle that is available are former fleet vehicles and Washington State is no exception.  A majority of vehicles in any government auction will be quality used vehicles that were formerly used by state employees.  These vehicles can be a great source of bargains because most people are concerned about the mileage.  A majority of fleet vehicles will have more than 100,000 miles on them.  However, it is important to remember two things.  First, most of these vehicles will have been primarily used on the highway, which means that the wear tear is minimal compared to if they had been driven inside city limits.  Second, fleet vehicles are required to follow a regular maintenance schedule.  This means that while the mileage is high, the car itself has been very well taken care of. 

If you are not particularly interested in fleet vehicles, then there is a little known source of vehicles to that can be taken advantage of.  If you plan on searching a Washington State car auction for bargains, then you might want to keep an eye out for abandoned vehicle listings. 

When most people think about abandoned vehicles, they probably picture some rusty, rundown heap that is well passed its useful stage.  However, because of the high level of snowfall in the area (in some places nearly 50 inches per year) there are a large number of fantastic vehicles that got stuck in the snow and abandoned.  Unlike many states in the central and eastern part of the United States, the west coast uses lava rock or sand instead of salt during the winter.  This means that instead of actually melting the ice, they simply try to add a little traction, which during a heavy snowfall is an effort in futility

As a result, many people are forced to abandon their vehicles.  This is when the game begins.  Most people never find out where their car was taken because they must first find out which county authorized the tow.  Second, they have to find out which private company towed the vehicle.  Once they find all of this out (if they ever do), they must then pay the towing fee, which is normally around $200, plus a storage fee of $60 per day.  In the end, many people will simply sign over title to the towing company and fill out a “surplus form”.  This means that when their car is taken to auction, they will receive any amount that is over the towing and storage fees.

If you are going to attend a Washington State car auction for bargains, then you should definitely keep your eye out for a great fleet vehicle, or even better, a quality vehicle that was abandoned.

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