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Used GPS Navigation Systems: What to Look For

There are certain features that everyone gives special attention when they are purchasing a new GPS navigation system, but used GPS navigations carry some additional specifications that need a second look.  While a majority of the features will be similar, there are some small things that are often overlooked, but extremely important to finding a quality used system.  To give you a better idea about what to look for in used GPS navigations here is a quick glance at some standard features as well as unique features to keep in mind when making your final decision.

It is important to start out looking at the same features which are important in new systems.  Some of the most highly rated features fall into categories such as: supported formats, diagonal size, battery life, voice recognition, removable memory, accuracy, height, depth, and weight.  All of these features can dictate whether a certain GPS system will be a good fit for your needs as well as any restrictions that your vehicle may place on your options, especially in terms of size and connecting cables. 

Once you have found a group of used GPS navigations that have the basic features that you want, it is time to take a closer look at what is included with your purchase.  This can be difficult to do in some cases, depending on where you purchase them from.  For example, if you purchase them through classified ads or via an online auction site then you may be forced to buy your used GPS system without actually seeing it.  While this isn't always an issue, there is some level of potential risk involved. 

The additional features to look for are primarily tied to the actual operation of the GPS rather than the features that are included.  For example, you would want to know which system software is included.  If the used GPS that you purchase is too old, there is a chance that the software it relies on is no longer updated.  This means that all of your maps will be out of date.  This is not an issue when purchasing a new GPS because all of the information is current when you purchase it.  Also pay attention to are the other miscellaneous items that should be included.  These items can be things like a TMC receiver, USB cable, car power adapter, windshield holder and more.  While these items may not make or break whether or not the used GPS navigations will work, it can have a huge bearing on how convenient it is to use.

When it comes to buy used GPS navigations, it is important to know what to look for.  While it is important to pay attention to the same features that you would look at when buying a new GPS navigation system, there are some additional variables to keep in mind.  The two most popular additional variables include the system software and miscellaneous items that are included.  They can play a large role on how easy and effective the used GPS will be.

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