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US Seized Car Auctions: Important Facts

Most car buyers usually buy their cars the same way they always have: they go to a showroom or a used car dealer they have known for several years. Instead of paying too much money to a dealer for a used car you will find great opportunities for incredible savings when you buy a used car from a seized car auction. Many people are puzzled when they hear about seized car auctions as they do not understand them nor have they been to one before. However, seized car auctions can give buyers incredible deals and are suitable for first time car buyers. Do some homework beforehand and prepare yourself to save money on your next car purchase.

Everyday, various government departments seize and repossess thousands of cars and send them to maintenance lot. The Government needs a large storage space and it is expensive to store all these seized cars. To cut down the maintenance and handling costs and to free the space in storage lot, seized cars are sold at government seized car auctions. These auctions are real gems for buying used cars because most of the cars are sold off at as little as 10% of the market price. You may have to pay up 90% more for the same car when you buy it from a dealer.

The Government has strict anti-mob laws and as a result, a number of cars are seized from drug dealers and other criminals. Many of these criminals drive luxury cars and hence finding your favorite Mercedes Benz or BMW in seized car auctions is not that difficult. Many people have profited from near new seized cars sold in seized car auctions. Various models from Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford, Honda, Lexus and others are not uncommon in such seized car auctions.

Many people still resist the temptation of buying used cars from seized car auctions because they don’t get a warranty for any car. The cars are sold ‘as is’ and you can’t go back to someone if the car starts creating trouble after you purchased it. This is where professional expertise can help you. Before bidding on any car, make sure that you do a thorough inspection of the car. This way you will know beforehand the condition of the car and if any repairs are required.

So don’t be afraid of buying a seized car at an auction.  You may be very surprised at the quality of the vehicles available and the incredible deals you can get.

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