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The GSA (General Services Administration) is a government organization that has been put in charge of auctioning off all of the US Governments fleet vehicles that are no longer in circulation.  Everyone can take advantage of these great savings by simply attending a GSA auction, either online or in person.  The GSA has made it easier than every to find US Government fleet cars for sale at auction  Here is a look at some of the tips that the GSA recommends following in order to have a successful auction experience.

1. Come Prepared

It always a good idea to show up to an auto auction with a game-plan, and a GSA auction is no different.  In order to do this, it is important that you take some time and review the auction catalog that is made available before every auction.  This will not only let you know what is going to be available to bid on, but also allow you to create a more accurate and realistic budget to follow.  Additionally, it will help you follow the actual auction as it proceeds.  The catalog will include information such as: make, model, year, color, VIN, mileage, special features, and the order in the catalog is the same order that they will be offered at the auction house  It is also important that you are planning on using a payment method that the auction house will accept.

2. Choose More Than One

Auctions can be intimidating beasts, especially if you show up with your heart set on only one vehicle.  By choosing deciding on multiple vehicles that could all be viable options, you will be much more likely to stay within your budget as well as actually become a winning bidder. 

3. Mock Auctions

For people that have never been to an auction before, short mock auctions are held before the actual auction.  This will give you a better understanding of how the system works, as well as help you feel more comfortable in the car auction environment.  It is recommended that anyone who has not attended as GSA auction should go to the mock auction, just to make sure that they know how everything works.  A mock auction also gives you a chance to get answers to any lingering questions that you may have.

4. Reruns

At almost all GSA auctions, the cars that are not sold during their first appearance will often be re-run through the auction process.  These vehicles will have a minimum bid set and if it is not met, then it will be sold at a later date.  However, as a bidder, if you are just looking for a great deal and not for a particular make or model, then waiting until a vehicle is re-run is always going to yield the best deals.

GSA auctions have proven to be a great way to find some of the best deals possible at public car auctions.  US Government fleet cars for sale at auction carry a number of benefits that the public can now take advantage of.  To do this, it is important to take the auction tips that the GSA provide to heart.

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