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US Car Auctions : Proven Opportunity For US Dealers and Individual Car Buyers

US car auctions are the best place for car buyers both individual and car dealers as there are something for everyone. Car auctions in US are now so much popular that thousands of Americans prefer to buy their quality cars from here to get the best price in the market. Used and repossessed cars are given away for 70% to 90% off of their original price in these auto auctions without the disappointment of a buyer. This is the first and foremost reason of the popularity of the US car auctions. But there are many more reasons present why one should give a look to the live car auctions when he/she wants to buy a new or used car.

Car auctions in US provide cars, SUVs, vans, trucks and other vehicles with good mechanical conditions, low mileage and usually with one previous owner. All these vehicles in US car auctions come from government federal agencies, local and state police department who replace their vehicles usually every 2 to 3 years. These fleet vehicles are well maintained and taken care of and usually 2 to 3 years old. Many other financial agencies repossess vehicles when the buyer is no more able to repay the loan. These repossessed vehicles also add into the inventory of live car auctions. The large number of vehicles at the auto auctions makes it possible for any individual or car dealer to have enough choices to look for when they need to decide which vehicle will be good for them.

The continues influx of cars at the US car auctions make huge inventory, which is hard to store and maintain. This makes it possible to sell off high quality cars for the prices well below their current retail values.

US car auctions is the direct source of cars which offer the best advantages over retail car market. Good cars at bargain price are only possible at these live car auctions which are oriented to customer care with best services.

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