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US Auto auctions: See why your next amazing Car deal is found at a US auto auction

US auto auctions are a great way to buy pre-owned vehicles. Till now government auctions were a protected source of revenue for the government, but now they are advertised and open to general public. Now days, thousands of cars, SUVs, vans, trucks, RVs and other vehicles are auctioned off across the nation, almost every day. Government auctions offer clean titled pre-owned vehicles with complete history records for most of them. Therefore, US auto auctions are the trusted resources to get a quality pre-owned vehicle for the prices well below Kelly Blue Book value.

IRS, FBI, DEA, police departments and other government agencies sell their seized, repossessed and fleet vehicles through US auto auctions. Most of the auctions across US conduct the auto auctions in same way and follow almost similar rules and procedures.

Government auctions are popular and thousands of people are taking advantage from them. Following information give more detailed idea about the auto auctions.


Prior registration is required to get the bidder number at any government auctions. Registration to the auto auction is free, and there is no buyer’s fee at all.

Payment policy

Upon successful completion of the bidding, full payment is required to be done immediately. Payment method includes check, cash or credit card. Different finance options are available on the US auto auctions.

Unable to pay immediately

If a winner of a particular bid is unable to pay the final amount then that bidding process will be canceled. That bidder will be put in the bad bidder list.

Is it possible to sell a car here?

Unfortunately, no! Individual customer selling is not allowed in any government auctions.

Is it possible to retract the bid after winning?

No, the winner is bound to pay the bid amount and take the vehicle away from the auto auction lot within the specified time period.

Vehicle registration

All paper work related to DMV registration will be done at the auction place by the US auto auction staff. The buyer will pay the registration fee.

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