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Truck Auctions : Surplus and used Trucks at Government Truck auctions

If you though auctions sold only antiques, houses and cars, then think again. You not only get cars, but several other vehicles, trucks being one of the many available vehicles. Indeed, there are truck auctions to help you choose from a range of used and almost new trucks. If you are a truck driver and you are waiting to own a nice big truck of your own someday, rejoice! Trucks auctions, especially the Government auctions for trucks, give you some really cool deals. There are several auto auctions happening all over town, and government auctions are one of those auto auctions. But there is a difference between government auctions for trucks and other truck auctions. That is why; auto auctions conducted by the Government are not only popular for buying cars, but several other types of vehicles as well!

The GSA is usually the managing authority for truck auctions conducted by the Government. Some vehicles are also seized vehicles from mortgage defaulters or criminals. Most of these are almost brand new. So just imagine participating in one of these government truck auctions and getting a well-maintained mean machine for a few dollars!

•    These are maximum, second hand vehicles; well-maintained with very low miles on them.
•    You are buying directly from the Government, so there are no hidden charges as with private dealers; you pay only for the truck.
•    Usually, you can freely register for these truck auctions. Even online auto auctions for trucks may have free registrations.
•    Government auctioned vehicles will have proper documentation with transferable warranty as applies.
•    Online auto auctions have hundreds of listings for trucks every other day, so there’s a lot to choose from!
•    You need to have a valid driving license and you must be at least 18 years old at the time of auction.
•    Be it online auto auctions or live auctions, you can get trucks for as low as 80-90% off on market price!

Some auto auctions even offer machinery for vehicles. So, truck auctions might also get you some real good spare parts for trucks, if you happen to find a suitable one.

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