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Tips to reap advantages from police car auctions

Why Police car auctions

Police car auctions seem too good to be true. Is it really possible to find out a high quality car at unbelievable lower price? Government auction is a place for substantial savings to buy a used car. But how to avoid risks involved in such “too good to believe offer”? How you can grab the opportunity to own a luxury car at bargain price? Find out answers for these questions and more here.

Police car auctions offer well maintained cars at competitive prices. There is no registration or buyers fee. You only need a drivers license and must be 18 years or over to participate in any government auctions. With hundreds of vehicles slated for auction, you can find the dream ride you want.

Find out when and where the police car auction is

Vehicle auctions are taking place all over the country, virtually every day. Most of the government auctions are advertised in a local news paper. You can also contact local state, federal or local government agencies, when and where they are scheduling the auction.

Some auto auctions offer online auction directory service. They can charge a minimal fee for unlimited online access to auction listings. But this one time charge is worth for its high value. Auction schedules keep changing and they try to keep it update, but for your convenience make sure to check before you go out to attend that auction.

Get your homework done for a target price and a good vehicle

Before you buy any vehicle from any auto auctions, get an idea about retail price of your intended purchase. Online resources like NADA or KBB are good to develop a sense of value of vehicle. Websites of local dealer and printed publications also help to determine selling price of similar car. At the time of bidding, you can use this information for a vehicle that is worth its price. If bidding is going higher, just leave it. There is another similar car coming in the next police car auction!

Familiarize yourself with your prospective vehicles prior to the auction. Almost all police car auctions schedules Inspection day. You should take time to check the vehicle from those hundreds of cars to get one in best operative conditions. At such government auctions you can check vehicles inside and out and you can start up engine to rev. You can take a mechanic with you to inspect the vehicle.

Police car auctions also distribute an auction catalog enlisting vehicles on the sale on the day. The catalogue includes each vehicle in the order of sell with details like its VIN, make, model, year, color, mileage, special features and installed equipment. You can find inventory-list online prior to the auction.

Familiarize yourself with the auto auction

To take maximum advantage of any vehicle auction, first familiarize yourself with its activity and procedure. You can attend mock auctions conducted by some government agencies prior to your actual visit to any government auctions. Or you can participate in any actual auto auction as a visitor to study all the activities.

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