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Tips for buying Cars wisely at Eugene, OR auto auctions

Read about government auctions and master important tips for buying cars wisely at Eugene, OR auto auctions. Eugene belongs to Lane County and nestles to the south of Willamette Valley. While bicycling is a popular hobby here, this quaint–looking region is just perfect for a long drive. And if you can do that in a sports car or luxury car, there is nothing better!

Being the second-biggest city of Oregon, this place is not lacking in terms of opportunities for good business. Buying and selling cars for less is possible due to the frequent government auctions held here. Local auctions in this region provide irresistible bargain deals for the public.

Where to find good auctions?

Search at a good search engine and find the top government auction web sites that have the best listing of all vehicle auctions sorted according to region or date. This will save time and you need not roam the city looking for local auctions. While live auctions are good enough, online auctions are even more convenient. Again, good auction sites will help you with details. They also have tips and tricks that the customer can learn in order to buy wisely.

Pointers for buying cars

Firstly, know which car you want! Government auctions are not junk sales, so take time to get to the auction center and inspect all cars thoroughly. Get a blue book and decide what you want to pay. Be aware of local auctions by subscribing to newsletters at auction web sites. Carry a small sum with you to make spot payments if needed. While bidding, don’t round off the value and offer thousands of dollars more. Save cash by bidding just a little higher every time. Talk to good bidders and ask for tips.

Consider reselling the cheap cars you buy. You might use them for a while and then sell for much higher rates, making profit along the way. Government used car auctions sell as-is, so be careful while you bid. Be confident while bidding.

Why are gov auctions so tempting?

Unlike regular car dealerships that promise cheap cars but make you pay more, government vehicle auctions allow the people to decide the cost through bids. The motive is not profit. The government fleet has surplus cars that need to be sold quickly. Due to this urgency, the rates are very low and cheap cars are sold for as low as $200!

Police auctions and repo auctions sell fancy cars seized from the filthy rich who make money through illegal activities. No dealer sells such good cars for such low prices. You need not hire and pay brokers to find a variety of cheap cars. Saving time and cash is easy with government used car auctions. Most people would rather wait for a good used car than spending their lifetime savings on a showroom piece.
There are various wrong assumptions made about government auctions. But studying about auctions makes you understand the pros and cons better. Get wise and drive home a good car.

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