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The Benefits Of Buying From A Government Car Auction

Do you have the burning desire to own a snappy car but know that your pocket won’t allow you to buy one? If your answer is yes, then you should definitely stat checking out government car auctions, since these are the places where you can actually end up buying great cars at unbelievably low prices. For more benefits involved in buying from government car auctions, read on.

The Best Bargain: Without making any compromises or having a heavy hole in your pocket, you can make a good purchase at a government car auction. The simple reason for vehicles going so cheap is that because of the laws of ‘surplus’ and ‘seizures’, thousands of cars become the property of the government every year and their maintenance proves to be a costly affair. So, these vehicles are sold at very cheap prices to overcome the problems of depreciation, storage and maintenance. Most government agencies also dispose off their cars in government auctions, again at unbelievably low rates.

No dealers involved: In any other auction, it is the private seller and car dealer who aim to make the maximum profit from the car deal. But here, the government agency behind the auction mainly intends to dispose off the cars as soon as possible and are at times ready to sell the cars at very low bids also. Sometimes the starting bids are as low as 80% to 90% below the Blue Book Prices. In some cases, there is no need for any registration fee or even buyers premium, which means that the customer gains manifold.

Vehicle’s true condition disclosed: A correct picture of the car is presented to people at a government car auction. In general, government cars are very well maintained throughout the period of their usage. The condition of seized cars, on the other hand is truly revealed to the bidders. No efforts are made to hide any kind of faults and therefore, the customer is assured of getting the true worth for his investment.

High-end purchases: Financial institutions seize a great number of new as well old cars from people who fail to pay their car mortgage or lease costs. This way banks tend to regain some part of their lost investment back. It is no great surprise that specially equipped work vehicles also find their way-out through these auctions. As far as the buyer is concerned, both these conditions result in his gain because he tends to get a chance to own remarkable vehicles for very low costs.

Exciting Scenario: While usual car auctions can prove to be very strenuous and nerve wracking for anybody what with all the calculations that one is required to make, in a government auto auction the entire atmosphere is different. With no agents hounding you, one feels free to move around and make the right choice.

Genuine Auctions: Government car auctions are authentic in every way. Starting from the car’s condition to the final paper work, everything is authentic. With no personal motives hidden or big gains involved, the customer can be assured that he is not being cheated and is getting the true worth of his hard earned money.

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