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Texas county auctions are well known for offering a wide variety of vehicles at bargain prices.  With so many counties in Texas, it is no surprise that you can find auto auctions almost every weekend.  With so many auctions available, good planning can quickly lead to great deals on cars, trucks, SUV’s, motorcycles, and more.  There are a number of different sources that supply these vehicles including salvages, seizes, fleet vehicles (both government and private), and much more.  The key is knowing what to look for and how to find the best auctions.

When it comes to looking for Texas county auctions that will offer the greatest bargain potential there are two strategies that are both effective.  The first strategy is look for several auctions that are being held on the same weekend and within driving distance to each other.  You can then call the auction house hosting the auction and ask how many people they expect to attend.  Then simple go to the auction that will have the smallest attendance  Keep in mind, that you need to make sure that there a several vehicles of interest before attending. 

Another strategy is to attend Texas county auctions based on number of opportunities.  In this strategy, you need to do a bit of research on what each auction will hold and choose the one that gives you the most potential to land a bargain.  This strategy is only needed when there are multiple auctions on the same day, which is more often than not.

The final strategy is to seek out Texas county auctions that are held at the end of an “auction streak”.  An auction streak is when there are 3 or more weekends in a row with auctions in the same geographic area.  While it is ideal to attend every auction, the chances are higher of finding a bargain at later auctions.  This is because many companies that show up to auctions to purchase cars to resell, will spend a large amount of their budget earlier in the  month, which will make them more selective at later auctions.  You can take advantage of later auctions to secure a much better bargain.

There are a large number of auction houses, several within each county in Texas, that will host auto auctions.  This makes it very important to monitor each auction house for upcoming events.  There are a variety of different ways that auctions can be held.  For example, Lone Star Auctioneers oversees a variety of different government auctions, many of which are impound auctions, and hold them completely online or live/webcast auctions.  Live/webcast auctions are a great way for you attend several auctions at once.  You can monitor their webcast and make live bids without actually being there.  By watching several auctions at once, you are much more likely to find a great bargain at a Texas county auction.

Texas county auctions are always a great place to find excellent bargains on vehicles.  It is important to have a strategy when choosing the auctions, as well as bidding on vehicles that offer the best bargain.  By doing this, you can always get great results.

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