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For great cars at cheap prices try Tennessee Police Auctions for best car deals.  Police auctions have a large number of seized and impounded vehicles which are brought in from various sources. Some of these vehicles have been seized because of non payment of loans; others because the owners have not paid their taxes and still others were confiscated from owners who were involved in drug peddling and such criminal activities. These vehicles are available at various auctions apart from the police auctions like government auctions and repo auctions. There are over a thousand vehicles seized every day and to store them is a big financial drain on the government. It is to sell them as fast as possible that these vehicles are handed over to various auctioneers, because this way there is more exposure to the public and more chances of disposing of the vehicles. The police department also does not have the infrastructure to deal with car sales in such large numbers but auctioneers are well geared for this.

Locating police seized cars

If you have been envying your neighbor’s swank new car and were wondering how he can afford it, well so can you by tracking down police impounds and confiscated vehicles. An online search will give you details of all the auctions which are happening in your town and you can register with them and get to see their comprehensive vehicle lists. Register with local auctions and various vehicle auctions in your vicinity and get the data base of vehicles which will be auctioned there. You could even have a look at the online auctions which will also have repo vehicles and other impounded police cars.

If you want to get first hand information you could visit the local police departments and find out from them about the vehicles which have been seized recently and try and make a deal before the vehicles are sent to the auctioneer. Bidding can be quite an awesome experience and if you can avoid it why not try.

Learn how to bid before attempting it

For the first time bidders it is not easy and you could get swept away with the excitement of being in an auction. If you do not have control you could over bid in your excitement and go overboard with the price. It is best to fix an upper limit for yourself before you start bidding. Do some research on the market value of the vehicle you plan to bid for and get an idea of its cost. Remember that the vehicles are sold at a fraction of their market values at these auctions. So do not go beyond this when you bid. It would be an added benefit if you could attend an auction with a friend to see how the bidding is done and not be nervous when you get down to your own bidding finally. Learn from and watch the pros and be smart while bidding for your own vehicle.

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