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Tempe AZ Auto Auctions To Buy Cheap Chevrolet Cars

If you have decided to take a look at Tempe AZ auto auctions to buy cheap Chevrolet cars then you could end up extremely happy with the results. Tempe may not have a huge population considering its location (161,000+), however it borders Phoenix, Scottsdale, and several other cities that are part of the Phoenix Metro area. Some people decide to stay within the city limits, while others expand their search a little broader. Either way, there are definitely great deals to be had.

Eventhough it is a bit smaller then the surrounding cities, there are a shockingly large number of auction houses that deal exclusively with auto sales. Additionally, many of these auction houses have gone online, which means they have partnered up with online auto auction websites to make it easier for you to search their listings in real time and in some cases place bids right from your computer. Some of the most popular and busiest auction houses in the area include Arizona Auto Auctions, Auction Systems, Barret-Jackson Auction Company, Payless Auto Auction, Mannheim Arizona, and Auction Nation.

To give you a better idea of why you should look into Tempe AZ auto auctions to buy cheap Chevy cars, here’s a quick look at a few recent auction results. One great deal was a 2006 Chevrolet Aveo which had just under 50,000 miles. While it did have some hail damage, the winning bidder paid less than $1000 even though the car is worth around $7,775.the best part is there was no major damage to the Windows, which means there were no repairs which would be considered necessary. Another great deal was on the same make and model, only it was a 2008 with 49,000 miles. It has no damage aside from regular wear and tear and was worth about $9000. The winning bidder paid only $3000 for it, which is a savings of nearly 60%.

If you are interested in a newer car, then one result which you my joy is a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro LT with 19,376 miles on it. At a dealership, it would be worth around $25,000 and the winning bidder only paid $13,500.

While it certainly can’t hurt to expand your search, there is obviously no reason to look outside of Tempe AZ auto auctions to buy cheap Chevrolet cars. These auction houses will host a variety of different types of auctions, which can help you target exactly what you are looking for. For example, if you are looking to save as much is possible and simply purchase an everyday commuter car, then government surplus auctions and general public auctions could be exactly what you want. If you are more interested in lower mileage late-model vehicles then repossession auctions and former lease vehicle auctions are going to be your best bet. Either way, you can’t go wrong using Tempe AZ car auctions to buy cheap Chevrolet cars.

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