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Tampa Seized Car Auctions: Bargains Galore

Tampa seized car auctions have become well known for having bargains galore.  The reason that Tampa Bay offers so many great deals, is because they hold a large number of seized car auctions from a variety of sources.  Some auctions are held by the Federal government, while others are smaller auctions with cars that were seized by local police. 

The US Marshal’s services is one of the most well-known Federal government agencies to consistently hold auto auctions in the Tampa Bay area.  Obviously, the Marshal’s service doesn’t host the auction themselves, but rather consigns all of the vehicles to a local auction house.  In Tampa Bay, Manheim’s Greater Tampa Bay Auto Auction is responsible for auctioning off seized cars.  It is important to keep an eye out for these auctions because they often have a lot of quality vehicles that get overlooked.  The reason that these auctions provide bargains galore is because they can get overlooked with all of the other auto auctions that Manheim hosts. 

Another popular way to find Tampa seized car auctions is to go through the local police.  Local police auctions are held at impound lots and often take place on a monthly basis.  There are two different types of seized vehicles that you can take advantage of.  The first is automobiles that were seized under the laws of asset forfeiture  In these cases, the vehicle was seized because it was involved with illegal activities.  The automobiles are usually in good working order and can be a great bargain.

The second type of automobile that may be seized is during a basic traffic or parking violation.  In these cases, the vehicle is often stored at independent towing companies.  If they are not picked up within 30 days, the towing company can auction off the vehicle in order to get compensation for the towing and storage of the vehicle.  These auctions offer great bargains because many people are unaware that privately owned impound lots hold auctions of their own. 

Many of these auctions still do have an online presence, however this is a trend that is quickly changing.  More and more auctions are being held online.  Even when you are taking advantage of online auto auctions for the Tampa Bay area, it is important to try and get a look at the vehicle in person before the auction begins. 

Tampa Bay seized car auctions offer bargains galore for those who know what to look for and where to find them.  Tampa Bay has the advantage of hosting seized car auctions from both the Federal government, most often the Marshal’s service, as well as state, county, and local police.  With so many different sources of vehicles, it is no surprise that so many great bargains are available  Even with so many great government seized car auctions, it is also a good idea to not overlook auctions that have vehicles that have been impounded at local towing company lots, but are still considered to be seized by the government.  Since these are hardest to find, they are often considered to have some of the best bargains.

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