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Taking A Drivers License: Tips For Passing Your Drivers License Test

Taking driving license tests is tough for even the most practiced and seasoned drivers around. However, with our tips here, you are sure to ace your test in the very first go.

· Practice, Practice and Practice: Most people end up failing their driving tests because they have not practiced enough. It is tough to practice a large number of hours because of our increasingly busy schedules and high instructor fees, but one should still try to clock up at least two thousand miles before going for a driving test. In order to get the maximum from your driving sessions, treat every practice session like a mock driving test and follow all the rules and regulations as you would during the test. Ask your instructor to point out mistakes calmly while you drive and clarify any doubts that might have arisen at the end of every session. Correct your mistakes during your next session and pay particular attention to your weak points.

· Approach your driving test calmly and coolly: Most drivers end up making silly mistakes because they treat a driving test as a high pressure situation. Keep in mind that the authorities taking your test want you to pass. After all, you would return to them once again if they do not give you your license! At the same time, they want you to be safe and not be a hazard to others on the road. Do not take your test with a “they will fail me” attitude, and you will find yourself passing with ease. Just remember to be cool and confident.

· There are points for smooth driving: Many people end up grinding gears or braking abruptly during their test when they would never do so with their instructor. Practice smooth driving, smooth acceleration, deceleration and braking at all times, so that it becomes second nature while driving. Jerky, uneven and abrupt driving will get you nowhere. So when your test evaluator asks you to stop, don’t just push on the brake pedal. Decelerate, check your mirrors and brake smoothly. And take care not to stop at a place where you shouldn’t.

· Always keep to the speed limits: While you are taking your test, driving both above and below the speed limits will lead to your points being deducted. So try to keep as close to the speed limit as possible whenever you practice and also during your test. Driving below the speed limit will also lead to a similar deduction of points as driving above the limit, but at the same time, you should make allowances for weather, visibility and traffic conditions in order to get good marks in your test.

· Check your mirrors: Keep checking your mirrors at all times, especially before braking, turning, changing lanes and while moving away from curbs.  Checking mirrors is important during backing and while driving on the freeway.

· Other Must Dos: Always know what traffic signs and symbols mean and follow them to a T. Never forget to use signals as and when they are required. Slow down at curves and while turning. Allow pedestrians the right of way and try to anticipate the movement of people on foot and in vehicles near you. Practice defensive driving at all times. Remember that you might pass your test even if you do make a mistake or two, so do not go ahead and mess up your whole test just because you err a little at the beginning. Keep cool, calm and confident.

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