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Subaru Cars at Oklahoma City Car Auctions

One of the most difficult things to do at Oklahoma City car auctions is targeting a specific make or model.  The best way to find a great deal is to give yourself as many options as possible.  However, if you are set on targeting Subaru cars at Oklahoma City car auctions then it is important to give certain types of auctions a majority of your attention.  This means there are certain auctions which should only receive a cursory glance at the listings.

What Auctions Are Best for Finding Great Deals on Subaru Cars and What Auctions Should Be Avoided?

Avoid Government Fleet Auctions

If you are focusing solely on finding a quality used Subaru car at Oklahoma City car auctions then you should spend very much time looking at government fleet auctions.  The federal, state, and local governments tend to purchase from American manufacturers whenever possible.  This means government fleet auctions will primarily feature Ford, Dodge, and Chevrolet vehicles.  While there always seems to be a handful of foreign built vehicles at government fleet auctions, they are few and far between.  If anyone else is also targeting Subaru cars then you could end up getting in a bidding war.  While you will still likely pay less than you would if you went to a used car dealership, the savings won’t be as great as what other types of auctions offer.

Attend Government Seizure and Impound Auctions

If you do want to primarily target government auctions then focusing on government seizure and impound auctions in Oklahoma City will be your best bet.  It is impossible to predict what type of cars will be seized or impounded, so the listing will feature quite a variety of manufacturers.  Ideally, you should pay closer attention to these types of auctions when multiple Subaru cars are available.  The more options you give yourself, the less likely you are to become too attached to a single vehicle.  This helps minimize the risk of overbidding and pain too much.

Take a Look at Upcoming Bank Repossession Car Auctions

Bank repossession auctions are always one of the best places to find reliable, used Subaru cars at Oklahoma City car auctions.  While each listing will be different and there will be a wide variety of manufacturers available, there are typically more than a handful of Subaru cars to choose from.  As an added bonus, bank repossession car auctions tend to have newer vehicles.  While there will still be some older Subaru cars at each auction, there will also be a number of newer Subaru cars as well.  This maximizes your auctions because you can choose between older or newer vehicles.  As an added bonus, you gain the ability to gauge the audience’s interest to help you decide whether you should target newer or older Subaru cars to get the best deal.

Always Look Into General Public Oklahoma City Car Auctions

The final type of Oklahoma City car auctions to pay attention to, when looking for a used Subaru car is general public auctions.  These auctions source vehicles from a variety of places.  This makes them unique from any other type of Oklahoma City car auction.  Since the cars up for auction, from multiple sources, your odds of finding a large selection of Subaru used cars is significantly higher than any other type of auction.  Any time you can find a listing with a large number of Subaru used cars the chances of spotting an excellent deal increase.  This is because the competition for each Subaru car decreases as the number of potential targets increases.  Not only does this give you more auctions, but it gives competing bidders more options as well.

  • 2009 Subaru Forester 2

While the Subaru Forester 2 is technically an SUV, its small compact design makes it extremely appealing to used car buyers.  At a recent Oklahoma City car auction, a 2009 Subaru Forester 2 was sold for $7,300 even though the local market value is nearly $14,000.  This savvy buyer saved almost 50% by attending this Oklahoma City car auction.  The vehicle had a clean title and just over 133,000 miles.  The only reported damage was normal wear and tear.  Plus the vehicle had been verified prior to the auction to be in working order.  This means the buyer could literally drive it home once payment had been made.  It was maroon in color and featured a 2.5 liter, 4 cylinder engine.

  • 2005 Subaru Baja Sport

Another great deal found at an Oklahoma City car auction was a 2005 Subaru Baja Sport with only 158,000 miles.  The body had minor dents and scratches, but the vehicle was verified before the auction to be in complete working order.  Additionally, it came with a clean title.  This vehicle was dark blue, all-wheel drive, and had a 2.5L, 4 cylinder engine.  The buyer only paid $2,300 although the vehicle had an estimated local market value of $10,456.  This is a total savings of more than 70% off.

  • 2005 Subaru Legacy

At a recent Oklahoma City car auction, there was a great looking 2005 Subaru Legacy which sold for less than $3,000.  The local market value of estimated to be nearly $7,000.  This vehicle had 275,029 miles but started up great and sounded good on the auction block.  This particular vehicle was at a donation auction in Oklahoma City.  It had only minor dents and scratches and would make an excellent second vehicle or a reliable used vehicle for a teenager or college student.

  • 2003 Subaru Legacy

A similar vehicle recently sold at auction was a silver 2003 Subaru Legacy with just over 128,000 miles.  This great looking sedan carried an estimated local market value of almost $6,000 but was sold to winning bidder for $3,250.  It ran great and the only documented damage was normal wear and tear.  This means the winning bidders saved nearly 50% more than if they would have gone down to a local dealership.

There are a variety of reasons you may want to target Subaru cars at Oklahoma City car auctions.  Regardless of what your reason is, focusing on general public auctions and bank repossession auctions typically provide you with the greatest opportunity.  While government fleet auctions and government impound auctions do offer an opportunity to find Subaru cars, the odds of landing a great deal are significantly lower because fewer potential targets are available at each auction.

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