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The minute an individual turns 18 or lands their first job, the only thing they aspire for is to buy their own car. At times buying a new car might seem very expensive, in which case they turn towards the used cars which would work till they can afford a brand new car. A used car is basically one that has had a previous owner, who might be giving it away for various reasons – either buying a newer model, or it would have become run down and obsolete model or they just might have come by a promotion or hike at work which prompts them to go for a higher model.

When you have decided to buy a used car, there are certain pointers to keep in mind, so you get the best deal and a good quality car.

Used car sales
There are various places where the sale of used car happens in a locality. You can gather this information from your local coffee shop or even in the newspapers. There will be listing of various used cars that are up for sale, and details pertaining to their history, and the asking price.

Another option is to visit the local used car auctions that happen on a weekly or bi weekly basis. This is where you can see cars from the police impound, and from government surplus houses. These cars have been used well and are today up for sale, so you might get quite an interesting variety of cars.

What is the current condition of the car? Is it in running condition or do you have to spend on bringing it to a good condition? This is a question that must be answered before buying the used car. How good are the parts, the engine, and other accessories in the car? Sometimes, cars that belonged to criminals would have damaged seats, scratches on the exterior and so on. These are signs of bad condition, so check before buying.

You can inspect the car inside and out to judge the condition of the vehicle. If required, you can bring in your mechanic to do an estimate. He will be able to assess the car, its condition, and let you know how good and worth it really is. He will also tell you the worth of the car, which will determine the price you can quote.

Make a thorough inspection of everything from the interiors to the exterior, including the glasses, electrical, mechanical and other ancillary parts fitted in. be sure to know what you are getting into, to avoid any unforeseen incidents later on.

Test driving the car, not just for a few yards, but a kilometre or so to assess the handling and the quality of tyres. Also make sure to check the vehicle history to understand if it has been involved in any criminal acts or accidents. The Vehicle identification number and other details need to be mentioned in the vehicle history to guarantee its worth.

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