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So you fancy a buying a new Chevy Camaro but cant quite stretch to the $23,000 asking price, and that’s assuming you can find one for sale in the first place. But your mate tells you about government car auctions and how cars there go for a fraction of their true value, and that sets your mind racing. But is it true? And just how exactly do they work.

What is a Government Car Auction?

They are car auctions just like any other. The only difference being they are run by the US Government to sell cars that have been seized due to unpaid tax and other illegal activities. The Government doesn’t really care how much they get for these cars, they just want to cover their costs and recover any unpaid tax. This means they’re a great opportunity to buy cars and indeed other equipment at a fraction of the cost.

Will They Have a Chevy Camaro?

This is a hard question to answer. I guess it depends on whether Chevy Camaro drivers pay their tax or not. But seriously they could have, you just may be lucky. However its best to visit these auctions with a broader range of cars in mind, maybe think about any kind of Chevy rather than a specific model. If your choice of cars is too narrow you could end up visiting Government Auctions for months without finding what you’re looking for.

How Much Can I Save?

This will depend on the type of car you’re looking for and many people are bidding for it. Normal auction rules still apply, set a price you’re willing to pay and DON’T go over it. But if you’re lucky you could get an absolute bargain. I’ve seen Porsche 911 go through these auctions with $30000 off list. It’s perfectly possible to get an old Chevy Camaro for just a few thousand dollars.

Will I Be Buying a Piece of Junk?

It’s a common misconception that the quality of cars at Government Auctions is very poor. In most cases that’s just not true. Of course there’s the odd banger but most of the cars are in fairly good condition. There previous owners weren’t exactly expecting the cars to be seized so they generally looked after them. Cars sold via Government Auction are sold as seen however, so if your not mechanically minded its best to take a friend with you to check the cars out.

Do I Have to Pay to Attend?

Generally speaking NO, Government Car Auctions are free to attend for members of the general public. So there’s nothing stopping you from going down for a look to start with, just take a look around and see what kind of cars are available and what kind of prices they go for, you’ll be amazed at how much money you can save.

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