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Repo car auction or Seized Truck Auctions are held all over the country every month. These are usually not advertised too much, but you might have chanced upon advertisements on the television where these vehicle auctions are televised. These trucks are sold at local car auctions after being seized or repossessed by various government departments or are sold by them to renew their fleet which has become quite old.

Departments that auction these trucks are the IRS, the Police department, the DEA and other administrative departments of the government. So if you are looking to get a truck at a low price and in good condition then you should try searching for options of good buys at the Seized Truck Auctions. The departments of the Defense sector have several heavy duty trucks which they put on auction sales when ever they want to renew their fleet with newer models.

Reasons for selling the trucks cheap

Whatever the reasons of the government for putting these trucks up for sale, the main problem is the cost of keeping them in good working condition and storing them which does not help much as the value of the trucks depreciate as they are kept standing for a longer period. The only way that the government could salvage some money is to put them up for Seized Truck Auctions and sell them off at values that are less than 95% of the original retail price.

The lowest bid for repo trucks

Bids for these repossessed trucks start at as low a price as just $100. So you can get yourself a well maintained truck with all the papers and documents in place for the lowest possible price. These Seized Truck Auctions take place very regularly so there is no need for you to bid too high just because you have set your heart on a vehicle. If you cannot get it now there will always be a next time. So hold on and wait to get a truck at the price that you have set your upper limit at. Do not be in a hurry and pay more than you should for the truck.

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