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Seized Cars from Rhode Island Police Auctions

Buying seized cars from Rhode Island Police auctions is the best way of owning a luxury car at the cheapest price. The Rhode Island police auctions are held very frequently but they are not advertised much. One has to keep track of the auction dates to be benefitted from them.

The police auctions are mainly of three types:

Repo car auctions– The repo car auctions are the most frequently held auctions at this time of recession. The repo car auctions are also the most sought after auctions as people are assured to get a luxury car at 70-80% less than the market. There are many people who due to unforeseen reasons are not able to repay the loan. This results in confiscation of their vehicle which is sold off at a very less price at these auctions. These used cars are new and have no problem in them. Warranty period may be still there for these used cars. Now-a-days many people have been laid of from their jobs or have their salaries slashed. These were the people who were getting a fat pay packet and have gone for luxury cars. But now repayment has become hard for them.

Seized cars from criminals: the other category of cars that are sold at the government auctions are the cars seized from the criminals. Every day, the police seize cars from the drug peddlers, smugglers etc. These cars are the luxurious and swanky cars which can be seen in the movies. The criminals get thrill to drive the swanky cars. Once the criminal is nabbed, his swanky car goes for a six and it is put on auction.

Unclaimed cars: There are many cars which remained unclaimed. These cars are either left on the highways or are towed by police. The owners may not turn up to claim these cars. It becomes a problem for the police to maintain these unclaimed cars and they are put on government auctions.

If you are looking for a luxurious used car for your family or you want to gift your child a swanky car on his birthday, nothing is better than the Rhode Island Police auctions. The Rhode Island police auctions are not advertised much as it gets more bidders than they can accommodate. There is on average 30 bidders for one used cars so be there to take part in the auction.

The Rhode Island police auction is a live action and therefore you can check the vehicle very thoroughly before biding for it. You can also take part in used car auction of Rhode Island police auction through online auction. If you win the bid and get the best deal used car for yourself, all you need is to enjoy it. If you had won the bid and you stay far away from Rhode Island, you may request the auctioneers to transport the used car to your address. They have the means of sending the used car to the bid winner at a very small amount of money.

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