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Seized Cars For Sale In Fullerton Are Bargains in California

Seized cars for sale in Fullerton, CA are bargains as long as you how to take advantage of them.  The problem that a lot of people face is either they don’t know about this opportunity or they don’t where to start.  Fortunately, once you understand what your first steps should be, bringing home a bargain of your own can be very likely.  Here is a closer look at what seized cars are, why they can be a bargain, and how you can take advantage of them.

What Are Seized Cars?

Seized cars are those which are taken by the government for one reason or another.  In most cases, a car in Fullerton can be seized for one of three reasons – racing, illegally driven, and asset forfeiture  There are a growing number of instances where cars in Fullerton were seized because they were involved with a street race.  Along with what most people think of when they talk about street racing, the car can also be seized due to unnecessary exhibition of speed or unreasonable excuse for loss of traction (burning out).

Another reason that cars can be seized in California is because a law was broken while the car was being driven.  This is most often because either the driver didn’t have a license or because they were intoxicated.  These are also known as live-stop seizures because the car was only seized while it was actively being driven.  Overall, this normally the most likely reason that a car is seized in Fullerton.  In most cases, the owner could get their car back after paying the impound fees (towing plus storage).

The final reason that a car could be seized is through the asset forfeiture laws.  These laws state that the government can seize a vehicle if it was used to facilitate a crime.  For example, if someone was pulled over and had drugs in the car, the government could seize the car.  This is normally the most common reason that this law in enacted.  It is important to note that there are both civil and criminal reasons to seize a vehicle.  In Fullerton, CA almost every car seized this way is done through civil asset forfeiture proceedings.

So Why Are Seized Cars For Sale In Fullerton Bargains?

The biggest reason that seized cars in this area are cheap is because most people don’t attend police car auctions.  In many cases, this is simply because they didn’t know that they were being held, but another common reason is because they are looking elsewhere for auctions.

In Fullerton, CA the number of repossessed vehicle auctions far outnumber police impound auctions, so most people overlook them.  Additionally, the Fullerton government has continually moved towards using the internet more to promote the listings.  If you don’t utilize online government auction sites, there is a good chance that you would never even see the listings.  With the lack of competing bidders, a majority of the cars sold at these auctions are huge bargains for the people that show up and bid.

Seized Cars For Sale In Fullerton Are Bargains – Where Should You Start?

There are two critical steps that you need to take in order to set yourself up for success.  The first is gathering information.  You need to not only find out when and where the auctions are being held, but also get a detailed listing of what is available.  In most cases, the detailed listing will be with an online auction site.  Fortunately, sorting through the listings can be done very quickly.  You also need to select 5-10 cars that you want to learn more about.  This will give you the foundation of information that is needed to actually identify a bargain when it appears.

The second thin you need to do is secure a source of funding.  Some people get a certain loan amount pre-approved by a bank, while others simply pay in cash.  Regardless of which strategy you intend to use, it must be taken care of before the auction begins.  Once you are the winning bidder, you will have a very small amount of time to make your payment.  At some auctions, you will need to pay at the end of the day and some will give you up to 3 days to make your payment.  Keep in mind that along with the bid amount, you will also need to pay all applicable taxes and fees so that your car can be legally driven off of the lot.

Seized cars for sale in Fullerton, CA are bargains and now that you understand more about them, there is no reason not get involved.  It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a quality, reliable used car or what a sportier car that was seized due to racing, there is a good chance that you will be able to find it at a price that is well below market value.

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