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Seized Cars Auctions: Tips for getting best deals

For the best deals in seized car auctions the most appropriate auction is the repo auction. This is where you can get the greatest car deals for the most affordable prices. For cheap cars which are available at used car auctions do an online search and you will be able to locate the most suitable cars for yourself.

Where can seized cars be found

Seized cars are vehicles which have been confiscated by the law for various reasons like nonpayment of loans or taxes by the owners, or if the owner has been involved in activities which are against the law and all their belongings including homes have been confiscated. These vehicles are then put up for auction at various auctions like the government auctions, local auctions and also the repo auctions.

Repo cars are among the best available at any auction as they are usually almost brand new cars and many are luxury vehicles which have been seized for illegal activities by their owners. These people always buy the most luxurious and swanky vehicles.

How often are such cars available?

Various government agencies like the FBI, DEA, IRS and many other departments like the police seize thousands of vehicles every month, which are then put up for sale. Because of certain legal issues and laws these vehicles are sold off at up to 95% less than their market values. Among these seized vehicles which are put up for sale there are government surplus and pre-owned vehicles which are maintained the best and within 2 or 3 years old. These vehicles are listed at various online sites which give you complete information on the cars which are available at all the auctions in every location.

Luxury cars like the BMW, Mazda, Jaguars, Mercks, vans, SUVs and even aircrafts and yachts are available at these local auctions.

How to bid for these vehicles

Bidding for these vehicles is a very easy procedure, as there is no need to go to the site, but register with the various auctioneers’ online. A search on the internet will show you all the auctions which are being held at every town and state in the country and you can register with them to see what vehicles are being auctioned. From the comprehensive list one can short list a few vehicles which are suitable for you and then proceed with the inspection and final bidding.

On site inspection of short listed vehicles

Once a few vehicles have been short listed at any of the vehicle auctions it is best to inspect them physically to satisfy yourself on their true condition. This is permitted by the auctioneers, though they will not allow you to take the vehicle outside the auction premises. A thorough check is allowed, and the engine can be revved up to make out its condition from the engine sound. If the person who is buying the vehicle and is registered at the auction is not competent to check the vehicle technically, he or she can take along an expert to do so.

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