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There are many different sectors to local auctions. These depend on which source the cars originated from like the repo cars, the seized cars, the salvaged cars or the cars which have been impounded. The condition of the cars will depend on this and you will have to think about what kind of a car you want and how much you would like to spend on a used car before going in for the auction. All the auctioneers will have some of each sector of cars for putting up for auctions. The cars which are in the repo auction sector will be great cars which are available at really cheap prices. Likewise the government auctions and the police auctions also have some great bargains which you can benefit with.

The best sector to buy cars at auctions

The repo auctions have the best cars and great bargains as these cars are almost brand new. Repossessed cars are those which have been confiscated by the law because of non repayment of loans. As loans are usually availed for buying new cars, these cars are the latest models in various makes and are sold at rock bottom prices. So if you can get your bid going for one of these cars, then you can get yourself an almost brand new car for less than 50% of the retails market value of the vehicle. This way you save yourself thousands of dollars. So the best buys in cheap cars are at he repo car auctions.

Other well maintained cars which come with clear titles are the vehicles which are under the gov auction sector. These are from the police department and other government departments. As it is mandatory to change the entire fleet of these vehicles periodically, the vehicles which have been maintained impeccably are sold at the various auctioneers under the tag of government auctions.

All used car auctions and vehicle auctions have a conglomeration of various vehicles to be sold. So you can safely register at any one of the local auctions and get the same kind of well maintained cars.

Inspect the cars before you bid

It is safest to inspect the cars at the live auctions before you start bidding for them. As you cannot do this at online auctions, you should take advantage of the situation and make sure that you carry out a thorough investigation of the cars you have short listed and found suitable for yourself. All auctioneers allow the registered buyers to come and inspect the vehicles which they might bid for. In case the buyer is not too familiar with the operations of a vehicle he or she can always bring an expert along to help in checking the vehicle. The only thing is that you will not be allowed to drive the car out of the auction premises or move it, but will be able to check the interiors and exteriors and even rev up the motor.

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