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Seattle,WA Government Auctions: Buy cheap confiscated cars

Seattle government auctions are the best place to look for cheap and good quality cars. Many people opt for buying a second car keeping these auctions in their mind. These auctions would definitely save your money. Seattle is a metropolitan area of the state and hence many cars ply the road. The city has more car owners and therefore more defaulters. Every day the government seizes and confiscates many cars. These cars are sold at the government auctions and the police auctions.

The police auctions are conducted by the police departments. The government auctions in Seattle WA are usually conducted by the auction firms on the basis of contract. The auctions are advertised online as well as in the local dailies. The auction is given a lot of exposure so as to attract the attention of the maximum number of people. The people usually attend the auction nearest to their locality and hence a lot of methods have to be adopted in order to attract attention. It is good to be an observer in the beginning while participating in an auction for the first time. It is also wise to check out the online auctions that are conducted. These auctions also have a good number of cars that are good and cheap and available online makes it very convenient. Many government auctions are held online these days in Seattle.

The cars for sale available for auctions in Seattle, which is the largest city in Washington are usually confiscated cars. The reason behind this are numerous, the owner would not have paid the mortgage amount, non payment of the bank loan, cars having illegal papers, abandoned cars, cars confiscated by the law enforcement department, cars that are stolen and then abandoned, cars that are not traceable etc. Cars are confiscated form criminal gangs. These cars would be flashy and luxury cars like BMWs, SUVs, Mercedes etc. These cars would also have very expensive accessories. These cars are also sold off very cheaply. All these cars are brought to the police station and new legal papers are drawn up for them. These cars are then auctioned off.

The vehicle auctions conducted in Seattle WA are unlike the police auctions since the cars in the police auctions would of good condition.  The local auctions are not always reliable but it is not the case with the government auctions. The government auctions are conducted very systematically and methodically. The processes are without any foul play and for every one to see and make sure. The prices of the cars are very low and only ten percent of the car’s market value. The cars are priced very low since the main aim is to dispose off the cars as quickly as possible rather than to make a profit. The cars require high maintenance and when there are thousands of cars to look after the chore is time consuming and very difficult. The government tries its best to give these vehicles away without wasting time and money over it. This is a blessing in disguise for the locals of the state who gain by the sale of cheap cars.

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