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Save On Your Next Car – Buy Impound Cars At Hayward Auto Auction

If you are looking to save on your next car, then you might want to buy impound cars at a Hayward auto auction.  There are two distinct types of auto auctions that will have impounded cars at them and understanding the differences in these auctions can be a huge help.  Many people have avoided using auto auctions because there are a number of misconceptions that have been floating around for a long time.  Here is a quick overview of the two different types of Hayward car auctions that you will find impounded cars as well as a few misconceptions that you may want more information about.

The 2 Types of Hayward Auto Auctions That Allow You To Buy Impound Cars

When you think of an impound, most people immediately think about the police impound lot and for reason.  This is why you will find most of the impound cars that are up for auction will be at police auctions.  Police auctions are normally held several times a year in Hayward and the surrounding areas.  They are a great place to save on your next car because along with impounded cars, there will also be former government fleet vehicles.  This means that there will be a larger number of cars up for auction at the same time.  You can benefit from this and maximize your savings because in most cases the number of bidders will be outnumbered by the number of available cars.  All you need to do is wait until you find a quality used car that very few people are bidding on.  This will allow you to maximize your savings, while still getting a good deal.

As a bonus, you know that every car will come with a clean title because in order to sell the vehicle, the government must officially claim ownership of it.  If the previous owner had any liens against the vehicle or other title problems, you don’t need to worry about them because the state will issue you a clean title at the auction.

You can also buy impound cars at Hayward auto auctions that are held as a general public auction or repossessed vehicle auction.  Most people would never look into these auctions for impounded vehicles because they think that the city of Hayward keeps all of their cars in their own impound lot.  The truth is that it all depends on why the car was impounded.  In some cases, the city will hire a towing company to take care of everything for them.  This means that the car ends up in the towing company’s lot.  In order to recoup any expenses, the towing company is given the right to sell the vehicles that are not reclaimed by the owner.  Since an individual towing company will rarely have enough cars to hold an auction of their own, they will place the car in a larger public auction.

Another tactic that is becoming more popular for towing companies is using online auction sites.  These sites allow them to only place a handful of cars up for auction.  Additionally, some government auto auctions are starting to use these sites as well, so they are definitely worth looking into.  Even most public auctions will at least place their listing online so that it is easier for people to find them.

2 Big Misconceptions About Buying Impound Cars at Hayward Auto Auctions

The biggest misconception about these auctions is that they will only have low quality and salvage vehicles.  While it is true that not every car will be in a great shape, there is always more high quality used cars than salvage vehicles.  This is because many cars are impounded due to a live traffic stop violation such as not having a valid driver’s license, insurance, or driving under the influence.  All of these violations will result in the car getting towed by either the city or a private towing company.  Since they were being driven when they were towed, you at least know that they are street legal and in good working order.

Another misconception about Hayward auto auctions is that they are rarely held.  This myth comes from people only looking for one type of auction.  While it’s true that if you are only looking for a GSA auction or city auction, you might only find a handful every year.  The key is to broaden your scope to include repossession auctions and online auctions with vehicles near Hayward.  This will give you an ongoing supply of quality used impound cars to bid on.

Once you get passed these myths and know where to look, it is easy to save on your next car by buying impound cars at Hayward auto auctions.

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