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Save In North Las Vegas On New Cars At Auction

When trying to save in North Las Vegas on new cars at auction there are certain types of auctions that you should target and others you should avoid. This can be difficult considering how few auction houses are in the area. If you move into Las Vegas, then you get a number of additional options however the competition for new cars at auction are higher. Here are a few tips to help you stay in the North Las Vegas area and still find new cars at auction.

The most important thing to understand is that a majority of the car auctions in North Las Vegas are held by towing companies rather than auction houses. As a result, you will need to monitor all of these different towing companies in order to get the best results. This can seem like a problematic approach because it would end up taking a lot of time and energy. Savvy bidders have discovered that a majority of these towing companies have partnered with online auto auction websites to help distribute their listings and gather attention for their auctions. This means that you can use a single auction website to spot new cars at auction in North Las Vegas across a multitude of towing companies.

While towing companies are going to have the highest number of auctions, which means the largest number of opportunities to save on new cars at auction, there are better options. Focusing on repossession auctions or former lease vehicle auctions will give you access to a much higher percentage of new cars per listing. The problem is that these auctions are held much less often, which means your number of opportunities are smaller.

Even though you have fewer opportunities, repossession auctions and former lease vehicle auctions are still probably what you want to target. Since these listings will have a higher percentage of new cars, you will likely find less competition per vehicle. The end results of this is paying much less than you would at an auction where there are only one or two late-model vehicles. Here are a few examples of recent auction results where numerous people saved in North Las Vegas on new cars.

At a recent auction there was a 2010 Nissan Altima SR with 6834 miles that sold for $9000, even though the local market value was closer to $21,000. There was also a 2011 Ford fusion with just over 9000 miles that sold for $11,000 and was worth an estimated $22,500. Another interesting result was a 2011 Mazda A2 that sold for a steep discount as well.

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