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Chandler repo car auctions are a great way to save on a reliable, quality used car.  Repo car auctions feature listing which are primarily comprised of repossessed car.  In some cases, the vehicles for an auction will be sourced solely from one lending institution but most auctions are sponsored by multiple lending institutions.  There are several factors which makes Chandler a great source of repo auction bargains in the area.

Chandler is a prominent suburb of the Phoenix, Arizona metro area.  As a result, many lending institutions in the surrounding areas send their vehicles to auctions in Chandler.  The goal of this is to get the cars in front of more potential buyers.  While it does accomplish this, it also drives down prices because the listings are significantly larger than they normally would be.

How to Get the Best Value at Chandler Repo Car Auctions

There are a variety of strategies people use to get the best deals at Chandler repo auctions.  The most successful strategies all have certain fundamentals in common.

  • Create a Wide Search Area

The first step to getting the best value at Chandler repo auctions is creating a wide search area.  Chandler is a popular suburb, but that doesn’t mean it is the only place to look for auto auctions.  The more auctions someone is involved in, the greater their odds of finding the perfect car.  Unfortunately, accomplishing this through traditional methods, such as searching the classifieds, is time consuming and tedious.  To overcome this, an increasing number of people are turning to online auto auction websites.  These websites provide detailed listings from every auction in Chandler and the surrounding areas.

  • Set a Limit

The next step to getting the best value is setting specific price limits on every vehicle you are interested.  To maximize the overall value, it is important to not focus on paying as little as possible.  Instead, it the focus should be on getting the most while paying as little as possible.  Every vehicle should a different set bidding limit based upon the value it provides in return.

  • Stay Organized

The final aspect every solid car auction strategy has in common is organization.  Nothing is worse than missing out on a great deal because you weren’t organized.  There is a lot of information which has been gathered before an auction.  This includes VIN numbers, make, model, mileage, and vehicle histories.  In order to leverage this information to identify the best values at the auction, keeping everything organized and easy to access is vital.

A Few Examples of Savings Found at Chandler Repo Car Auctions

At a recent auction in Chandler, there were two cars which stood out as being the best deals of the day.  They went for well-below the local market value and condition.

  • 2011 Mini Cooper S

One of the best deals of the day was a 2011 Mini Cooper S which sold for $7,500.  This two-toned car had only 22,219 miles and was all-wheel drive.  Its estimated value is between $12,000 and $17,000.  While it wasn’t one of the cheapest cars of the day, the new owner found it to be an excellent overall value.

  • 2004 Saturn Ion Level

A great example of saving money at Chandler rep car auction is the 2004 Saturn Ion Level.  It had less than 90,000 miles and was front wheel drive.  Its estimated local value was just over $5,000 but the winning bidder only paid $2,300.

It is easy to save at Chandler repo car auctions.  The key is choosing an effective strategy which maximizes the chances of taking advantage of a great deal when the opportunity presents itself.

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