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San Jose, CA Auto auctions: Live Public Car auctions

Residents of San Jose who have bought cheap cars will vouch for the bargains at San Jose, CA Auto auctions.  After all, where else will you get the best cars at the best rates from a reliable seller with least hassle? Government auctions are a must for anyone who wishes to buy a used car. The best part about such gov auctions is that many of the ridiculously cheap cars can hardly be called ‘used’ because they are just a few days old.

Not all used car auctions offer such a benefit to the car buyer looking to avoid lemons. The process is simple, just like most used car auctions. But the safety and savings is much more in government vehicle auctions. Here you can demand the documents and inspect the vehicle thoroughly. Test drives are forbidden but the customer gets a fair deal with the inspection time. The vehicles are usually well-maintained, clean and ready to be driven home. And when you are paying a mere 10-20% of the market worth for the car, the deal is a dream come true indeed.

San Jose, CA Auto auctions are fair and beneficial, but the car buyer is still advised to tread cautiously. After all, no one can guarantee that things will be perfectly alright. It is better to be on the safe side while making a huge purchase like a car, even though the prices are affordable. If you want to know where the vehicles come from, then your answer is here. The vehicles come from the GSA, the FBI, banks, the state, local and federal government stock and a few other sources. The government discards the older vehicles while purchasing new ones for its officials. In addition, thousands of unclaimed abandoned vehicles also come into government possession.

There are live public car auctions and there are convenient online auctions for the bidders to register at. High end vehicles and sports models are also available many a time. One could find a Nissan, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Lexus, Honda, Cadillac and many other car models regularly on sale at gov auctions. And since criminals are notorious for being filthy rich and extravagant, police auctions often end up selling the seized fancy wheels to lucky buyers who make huge savings! Even repo auctions sell luxury cars for a small fraction of the net worth of the vehicle.

Research well online and talk to people who have made great buys at such vehicle auctions. There are many cheap cars but identifying the right car takes a little effort. Get familiar with the numerous legal and technical terms used in connection with cars and government auctions. Do not hesitate to get your doubts clarified. Register for online updates from auction web sites authorized by the government. Look out for the auctions with good cheap cars and less competition. After your first success at one of these used car auctions in San Jose, CA, you will definitely come back for your second and third car even!

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