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Research Your Car Before Bidding at Government Auction

It is very much important to research before bidding at a Government Auction as they are all excessively used cars and need to be checked before they are bought. Research about a car means uncovering the real and technical aspects of the car.

These used cars have been retired from the Govt. duties and put on sale. These kind of cars need a full and complete mechanical test because they have been used by different drivers for different tasks. But though it is safer to buy a used car at a government auction, it is advisable to get a research done before bidding.

Here are a few factors which are going to help you with the research process.

Initially, it is advisable to have a pre-research on what are your interests in the brands and your budget for the car. You should first of all know what you are interested in and how much you are willing to pay. Then after you have made a selection of brands that you would be interested in, please do take a general check of all the models you are going to bid for.

Since these retired cars have been handled by many drivers you should keep these few important points in mind while doing your research.

  1. History of the car – You should inquire about the year of make of the model you have chosen and whether it has had any accidents.
  2. Mileage – Do check the current mileage of the car and also find out the original mileage of a new car of that same model. This would help you to get a proper picture of the current status of the engine.
  3. Market comparison with the other cars – It is better if you make a research about the cars that you have selected with other models available in the market. This will help you to know if you are choosing the right model.
  4. Price comparison – You should find out the price of a certain model of the same make from a different auction to compare with.
  5. Maintenance cost – After choosing your car and analyzing the current condition of the car, it is advisable to take the help of a professional in the same field so that you can get a clear picture of the maintenance cost which will be ultimately borne by you after having bought it.
  6. Availability of spare parts – It is also important aspect to check whether the spare parts of that particular model are currently available in the market or not.
  7. Reward & award – After having opted for a model it important to analyze the market survey report of that particular brand which means whether that model is being awarded or rewarded after it’s road test report.
  8. Papers – It is necessary to inquire about the process to get the registration papers to be transferred on your name and also check the entire papers, like validity of the insurance whether or not it is being lapsed, if it is expired then how much extra cost is to paid by you.

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