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Repo Car Auctions: How i bought a ‘Lemon’?

Repo car auctions are famous all over the United States of America. These are the best places to grab the best used cars for very low prices. Most used car auctions sell cars that have run thousands of miles and are quite fit for the trash-yard. But repo car auctions are usually better in all aspects like price, quality of cars and the variety. Besides, such vehicle auctions are held by the federal government and provide more options for the buyer to choose wisely.  These are reliable government auctions that consciously try and help the customer.

Seized cars at police car auctions and repossessed cars at repo car auctions are sold for a pittance compared to their actual market price. But that does not mean that the buyers at these sales have bought lemons. To clarify the statement, the term lemon is used to represent any vehicle with a defect that may decrease its value or quality. While most used car auctions sell lemons all the time, the federal government auctions help buyers to buy cheap cars that aren’t lemons!

Gov auctions sell used cars. But many of these are quite new, with low miles and hardly any damage. In order to avoid lemons, the customer is permitted to inspect the car personally or with the aid of a mechanic, well before the sale. While minor repairs are usually necessary, the observant customer can pick the gold from the heap. All it takes is some smart inspection and careful bidding to get one’s hands on the best set of wheels among the lot. Live auctions and online auctions are held regularly by the government approved sources. There is plenty of variety at most of these gov auctions.

Smart bidders do their research well. While some government auctions see a lot of competition, there are cases where there is hardly any competition. These government auctions are not explicitly advertised and one sees listings in various places. Online auctions usually get much more customers because one can bid from anywhere and find an auction so easily. But among the local auctions, there are live auctions where luxury cars are driven home by a lucky customer for hardly 30-40% of the actual market price!

People no longer wait for the showroom prices to go down to buy a car. Government auctions like repo auctions and police auctions are rising in demand because of the opportunities available for the common man. Thousands of middle class American citizens have purchased good quality cars from such repo car auctions. As for avoiding the lemons, thorough inspection and patience is the key. One need not have to buy a car from the same auction. It is safer to wait for the next auction than to get hasty and end up with a lemon. Practice and observations helps avoid the lemons.

Repo car auctions have all the variety and tantalizing savings for the shrewd buyers. For safe deals and big savings on some really good cars, government auctions are the places to head to!

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