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Repo Auctions Provide Cheap Nissan Cars in Toledo

Repo auctions have historically been a great way for people to find cheap Nissan cars in Toledo.  Toledo features a number of different venues in which repossessed cars can be auctioned off and understanding where to start your search is essential for finding a great deal.

There are several consistent auto auctions that feature repossessed cars in the Toledo area and Skipco Auto Auctions is a great place to start.  Not only do they feature repossessed cars, but they are in charge of the area’s marshal auctions as well.  They hold weekly auto auctions and every week there are at least a few Nissan cars that can be found at a great price.  All Skipco cars are free and clear of any liens and encumbrances.

Skipco Auto Auctions has been serving Toledo and surrounding area since 1978.  It was started by Skip Blowers because the lending institutions that he was doing repossession work for did not have a quick way to sell off their repossessed collateral.  Currently, this auction house averages more than 100,000 cars a year, at a weekly average of 150 cars. 

Another local repossessed auto auction house that deals in repossessed vehicles is North Coast Auto.  The have a detailed list of every car on their website and even post the starting/buy now prices.  Recently they featured a 2002 Nissan Altima at just over $5000 and a 2006 Nissan Altima with less than 60,000 miles for $10,000

Paying close attention to these types of auctions is a great way to find cheap Nissan cars in Toledo.  However, there are also some lesser known auto auctions available as well.  One of the best kept secrets in Toledo is the local Goodwill auto auctions.  Some repossessed vehicles will get donated to institutions like Goodwill because getting the tax write-off is more beneficial than going through the standard auction process.

In order to attend a Goodwill auction, a $100 bidding deposit is required prior to the start of the auction, as well as a valid drivers license.  If you find a cheap Nissan and win the bid, you will be required to pay the bid amount (minus the $100 deposit), a $10 processing fee, a $15 title transfer fee, and a $30 buyers fee.  You also must pay the associated sales tax and can purchase a temporary tag for $18.50.

Once the auction has been completed and the payments have been made, you will immediately get the keys to your new Nissan.  The auction lot will remain open until 2 pm and if the vehicle has not been removed by the following Tuesday, an additional $25 a day storage fee will be added onto the total price. 

In Toledo, using public auto auctions is a good way to find a cheap Nissan, however specifically targeting repossessed vehicle auto auctions can uncover even better deals.  While there are a number of auto auction houses available, Skipco Auto Auctions, North Coast Auto, and Goodwill are often top sources for the best deals on cheap Nissan cars.

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