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Reliable Repo Cars at Sacramento Police Auctions

It is easier than ever to find reliable repo cars at Sacramento police auctions.  The problem for many people is actually finding the auctions themselves.  In order to find the best deals, it is important to understand exactly what to look for in an auction and how to find them.

The first step to finding reliable repo cars at Sacramento police auctions is discovering when and where the auctions are actually being held.  The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that the auctions are almost always outsourced to one auction house or another.  The reason that they are difficult to find is that Sacramento often has whatever company tows the car, store it as well.  If the cars are never picked up, then it is the right of the towing company auction it off in order to recoup their expenses.

This means that in order to find cars that the police have had repossessed or towed, you need find the tow companies that have actually moved the vehicles.  Some of these companies will just sell the cars outright, whereas others will put them into auctions. 

There are also a number of websites that hold listings to local Sacramento police auctions.  These websites are great tools for locating the auctions or even bidding online.  On of the benefits of Sacramento police auctions is that almost all of the cars are in good working condition.  While some of the cars have been towed because they are abandoned or parked illegally, a majority of them are towed because the driver was pulled over and did not have a valid license.

According to California state law, if you are pulled over without a valid license, your car will be towed and impounded for 30 days, or until you have a valid license.  Many owners who cannot get a license will often just leave their car in the hands of the towing company.  Since the car was being driven when it was repossessed, it will still be in good working order when you bid on it at an auction.

Now that you understand some the nuances that make California unique when it comes to cars that have been repossessed by the police, it will be easier to find great deals at Sacramento car auctions. 

While almost all cars at Sacramento police auctions are reliable, it is important to check them out for yourself.  All auto auctions have an allotted preview time in which you can find out if the car is in good working order or not.  Additionally, it gives you a chance to make sure that car has a clean title.  In most cases, all of the cars are granted a clean title in order to make sure that the towing company can recoup their losses. 

Let’s review

Reliable repo car at Sacramento police auctions are easy to find.  Since most cars were already being driven when they were taken away, they should still be in working order.  In order to find these auctions, you need to look at individual towing companies as well as related websites that can give you information about upcoming auctions or even allow you to make your bids at online auction sites.

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