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Raleigh NC Police Auctions: Cheap Impounded Cars

Raleigh NC Police Auctions are the best place to find cheap impounded cars among all the used car auctions. This is where you will find cars in good condition at just a fraction of the market value. There is a large variety of cars available here in different models and types which have been impounded because of violations committed by the owners. Many people prefer to get impounded cars from police auctions because they are sure that the vehicle was in running condition before it was confiscated due to some infringement of law by the driver. To get cheap cars which are in good condition the government auctions where police have their impounded vehicles for auction, are the best place to find such cars. Impounded vehicles are decent cars to look for when you want to get yourself a used car.

How to locate and participate in a police auction

The best way to find out where and when these Raleigh NC Police auctions will be held is to call up the police department in your city and ask them directly. However, police auctions and other vehicle auctions are often advertised in the local newspapers or you could even do an online search to find out more information about these auctions. An online search will provide you information on most of the local auctions which will be held in your area and give details of date, time and venue. Live auctions are held at regular intervals and vehicles from various sources can be found here. You could register online to be able to participate in any one of these gov auctions and could then access their comprehensive list of vehicles. Registrations could either be free or you may have to pay a nominal fee for it. However, you will need a bidder number to be able to bid at any of the auctions without which you will not be eligible for bidding.

Things to do prior to bidding

You should check out all the impounded vehicles and see what their condition is. If you are not technically competent to do so you can bring along a mechanic or someone who knows about vehicles to check out the vehicles. This way you will have an idea of what repairs are required to make the vehicle road worthy and how much this will cost you. Most often such vehicles are in running condition, but you may want to give it a new coat of paint or change the seat covers to make it look better. Short list a few vehicles from this lot and then keep them on your bidding list. Never choose only one vehicle as you may be disappointed if you do not win the bid, but if there are a few vehicles to choose from you can always bid on the next vehicle if one does not get through. Always carry your driver’s license and insurance documents so that you can drive home the vehicle if you win your bid.

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