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Public Motor Auctions: Understand how to get an amazing deal at Public Motor Auctions

If you are looking for a good conditioned used car then look at the public motor auctions. A better way to buy pre-owned vehicles at competitive prices is the public car auctions which cater for the general public through better auction services. A staggering variety of used luxury sedans like BMW, Mazda, Mercedes etc. find their way to the public through the public motor auctions.

Public car auctions hold used cars, SUVs, trucks and vans from fleet returns, bank repossessed cars, lease end vehicles, government agency vehicles and trade-in autos. There is constant influx of such vehicles, making the aging inventory difficult to store, maintain and handle.

Therefore, the federal agencies auctioned them off for unbelievable low prices in public motor auctions. Most of the used vehicles are luxury cars of executive officers and government offices that use them for short period of 2 or 3 years and then replace them. So, here you get those popular models of BMW or Mazda to make you proud and happy! All these vehicles are still under factory warranty and come with complete service history records. Therefore, public motor auctions are the best way to buy best vehicles for better prices!

Buying a vehicle at the public motor auction is a fun way to save money, but one must know the procedure of the auction. Decide your budget to buy a Mazda or BMW model and finalize your finances.

Calculate actual price of the vehicle by adding sales tax, DMV fees, smog fees and other auction related fees to figure out the final price of your intended vehicle. Below is an example to figure out the actual amount.

1. Winning bid amount    $950.00
2. DMV fees              $30.00
3. Smog check            $50.00
4. Smog Certificate      $8.25
5. Documentation fee     $55.00
6. Tax                   $110.00
Total                 $1203.25

This calculation is just an example, and all the figures are tentative. DMW fees, tax, smog check and certification fees may vary by the location. Therefore, check out these values to know the final value of your winning bid.

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