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For those who want to save their hard earned money and do not want to waste it on a new car the best place is the public car auctions for cheap cars In Iowa. It is amazing how you can get cheap cars at theseused car auctions and the cars are still in good condition and reliable. Most of these government auctions have cars which have been sourced from various other auctions like the police auctions, the repo auctions and other such sources. The main reason cars reach the auctioneers is to sell them as quickly as possible and at he auctioneers there is a lot more exposure to the public and the sales can be hastened. Many of these cars have been confiscated by the law and on a daily basis there are at least a few thousands. This is a drain on the government’s kitty and the longer they keep these vehicles the more will it cost the government. Storage and maintenance of the vehicles is the main expense. In order to save this expenditure the vehicles are sold cheap and at auctions.

Repo vehicles are sold at banks

Because a large number of repo vehicles have been confiscated for non repayment of loans which have been taken from various banks, the banks often try to sell these vehicles from their own premises and salvage some of the loan amount. However, if this does not happen quickly the vehicles are handed over to vehicle auctions that have the space and are well organized in this sort of a thing.

Locating repo vehicles

You could try to get information from banks on the vehicles which they may be selling because of loan non repayment. If you get something from the bank direct you will be spared the exercise of bidding at an auction. However, it is not easy to get vehicles direct from the banks because to get such information you have to know the right person and the exact source. Such information is never advertised or given on the internet. You really have to do some leg work and scout around to find out about such vehicles. If you want the easy way out you can do an online search and get all the information on auctions directly on the internet. Once you have found auctions which are going to happen near to your home or in the same city you can register with them and then get a comprehensive list of all the vehicles which will be auctioned here. Now make a list of the vehicles which you find suitable for your own use.

Set a budget before you bid

There are going to be a lot of exciting moments while you get to the bidding. So a wise thing to do is to set a budget before you start bidding because you might get carried away and go overboard with the bidding because you will not want the car to get out of your hands. Remember the upper limit you have set for yourself and do not overshoot this limit at any cost.

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