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We mostly buy cars from retail showrooms. We are taken in by the fancy decorations and the smooth sales talk. Thus, we are only happy to buy cars from such dealers. But the truth is that we are paying for the showroom rental, for the A.C and for their sales pitch as well! There are so many different fees to be paid for separately before you own the car. While this is okay for new cars, even used car dealers put us through all this. Instead, why not go in for public auto auctions? You can save a lot more time and money by checking out public auto auctions.

Public auto auctions at a glance

Public auto auctions are the most popular type of vehicle auctions today. These vehicle auctions are not just for used cars, but for new cars as well! You could go for regular auctions or the local car auctions. Local car auctions are specific to the residents of a particular region. You might have car auctions in Florida or California or other places. The entry is restricted and hence, the competition is much lesser. If you want to participate in the easiest auctions ever, then go for Government-run public auto auctions. These are also conducted in all parts of the country, like car auctions in Florida or Los Angeles or California.

Information online

There are hundreds of web sites online that deal with such auctions and information. Getting online is a good way to interact with regular bidders and get consultations if you want. You can narrow down the search and get updates on your preferences only. You can participate in mock or real online auctions and choose from a better range of cars as compared to live auctions.

Bid at public auto auctions

There are a few simple steps for buying cars at auctions; register, inspect, bid and win. Seized vehicle auctions are a great way to get the fancy high-end models at prices within your reach. Imagine dreaming about your rich neighbor selling his fancy sports car to you for peanuts! Well, if you have seen bidders getting lucky, this is almost what happens. Public auto auctions are perfect to hunt for such deals. You might participate in mock auctions to get the hang of it. Later, you can jump in. The formalities are limited and the bargains are plenty. Just watch out for the competition.

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