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Public Auto Auction – Where to Go In Santa Clara County

Santa Clara County boasts a variety of options for anyone interested in attending a public auto auction.  When most people think of Santa Clara County they immediately shift their attention to the San Jose area because it is easily the largest.  At the same time, there are a number of additional locations within the county you should consider when tracking public auto auctions.

Starting in San Jose

San Jose is the easiest place to start if you are interested in learning more about public auto auctions in Santa Clara County.  San Jose is home to more than 950,000 people which mean a huge opportunity for a variety of different types of public auto auctions.  Compared to other areas, there are a greater number of bank repossession auctions which makes it a great place to consider if you are looking for a new or used vehicle.  Additionally, San Jose is home to a very active port.  Ports have proven to be a great place for public auto auctions, although they are only held a handful of times per year – similar to government auto auctions.

Other Areas in Santa Clara County to Consider

Along with San Jose, other popular areas for public auto auctions in Santa Clara County include Santa Clara, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, and Milpitas.  When considering other areas in Santa Clara County is important to consider what type of public auto auction you want to attend.  As a general rule, as you start looking at areas with lower population levels, the number of public government auctions will diminish.  At the same time, general public auctions tend to have larger listings because they are held less often.  In San Jose, you will likely be able to find a handful of public auto auctions every week.  On the other hand, in smaller areas you will likely find only one or two per month.  Just because they are not as frequent, doesn’t mean they should be overlooked.  In many cases, less frequent auto auctions will garner a smaller audience, which means less competing bidders.  As a result, you gain a better chance of landing a great deal, especially if you are targeting a make and model which is fairly commonplace.

Recent Deals at Public Auto Auctions in Santa Clara County

2009 Honda Accord LX

At a recent auto auction in Santa Clara County, specifically San Jose, a lucky bidder purchased a 2009 Honda Accord LX for $4500.  The odometer was read at 74,158 miles.  This gold four-door sedan is front-wheel-drive and featured a 2.4 liter four-cylinder engine.  The exterior had only minor dents and scratches.  The actual local market value is close to $15,000, which means the winning bidder realized a savings of more than 60%.

2010 Hyundai Elantra BL

Another great deal found at a Santa Clara County public auction was a black 2010 Hyundai Elantra BL.  This vehicle had some minor rear end damage, but could easily be driven without repairs as they were solely cosmetic.  This Hyundai Elantra BL was a four-door black sedan with a 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine.  Even with the minor cosmetic damage, the local market value was still more than $14,400.  This is because the vehicle had only 26,500 miles.  The winning bidder paid less than $3500.

2011 Ford Taurus LIM

At a public auction in Santa Clara County a savvy bidder recently paid only $9000 for a 2011 Ford Taurus LIM.  This charcoal four-door sedan featured a 3.5 liter six cylinder engine and is front-wheel-drive.  The vehicle only had minor dents and scratches, which could easily be repaired for less than $1000.  The best part for the winning bidder is this particular 2011 Ford Taurus LIM had only 24,000 miles and a local market value of $26,700.

2009 BMW X5

while the BMW X5 is generally considered to be a midsize SUV, many people in the market for a quality used car are more than happy to come home with this vehicle.  At a recent public auto auction in Santa Clara County, the winning bidder paid less than $11,000 for a great-looking 2009 BMW X5.  This vehicle had only 53,000 miles on it and a handful of minor dents and scratches.  This particular vehicle had a 4.8 liter V8 engine and is charcoal in color.

Online Auto Auction Websites Make Finding Santa Clara County Public Auto Auction Easy to Follow

With such a large area to cover, many people have problems finding out about all of the public auto auctions held in Santa Clara County.  The easiest way to cover the most ground effectively is by leveraging online auto auction websites.  These websites take information from listings across the entire area and compile them into a single database.  This database will not only give you access to specific auction locations and times, but will also provide an updated listing.  By gaining access to accurate listings before the auction begins, you can do more in-depth research on vehicles you are interested in.  This ensures you always save money and make a smart buying decision.

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