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Auto auctions in Charlotte, NC: police fleet vehicles at Charlotte car auctions

Auto auctions in Charlotte are very popular and are held on a regular basis. Usually the cheap cars being sold at these auctions are used cars (although sometimes new cars are offered at these auctions) hence these auctions are generally recognized as used car auctions. The most popular category of auto auctions in Charlotte are the government auctions and the police auctions.

These used car auctions held by the state are also known as repo auctions and seized cars. Because the cars being sold at these local auctions and government car auctions are generally those cars which have either been repossessed from the owner due to non payment or default in payment of a car loan or else these have been offered by the owner as collateral against any other loan. On the other hand the cars seized from the owner due to his/her involvement in illegal activities or tax evasion and fraud are called seized cars. In the latter category it is quiet common to find fancy cars at relatively very low prices as compared to their original price tags. This is due to the fact that it is usually the rich who are hauled in for tax evasion and tax fraud. These people often possess fancy and expensive cars. But since the government has to bear the cost of storage and maintenance of these cars, the authorities are always in a hurry to sell them off to keep the costs to a minimum.

At the same time insurance companies also take part in these auto auctions in Charlotte. The cars sold by the insurance agencies are salvaged cars, which have been built from the wreck of cars involved in accidents. One should take a lot of care while bidding for cars from this category, because the cars sometimes get severely damaged in accidents and it is sometimes not possible to rectify these defects. But the salvaged cars category can be looked into by the people who are in need of a car but cannot afford one. They stand a good chance at being able to purchase a very cheap car in the salvaged car auctions.

On the other hand some cars are sold off by their owners who want to change their vehicles for new one. These cars are also sold in the auto auctions in Charlotte and one should take special care in buying vehicles from this category also. This is due to the fact that an owner will almost always use a car well before changing it to buy a new one, unless there is an increase in the size of the family due to the birth of a child among other reasons. One can also turn lucky and find a fancy cheap car in relatively good condition, because some of the rich have the habit of changing their vehicles frequently. They may sell off a car in relatively good condition in order to get a new one. Either way a visit to auto auctions in Charlotte can be quite fruitful.

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