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It has become increasingly popular for many people to turn to used police cars as a method of gaining and inexpensive yet reliable used vehicle.  New York County is a great place to purchase used police cars for sale.  New York County is one of the most densely populated counties in the world.  As a result, the size of the police fleet is incredibly large which means more former fleet vehicles are readily available.

4 Reasons Why Former Police Cars Are Popular Options

Anyone who is interested in taking advantage of used auto auctions to find their next used vehicle is trying to decide what type of car is the best fit for their needs.  All types of auto auctions have their own set of advantages and drawbacks, but there are a handful of unique benefits you can only gain by purchasing used police cars.

1. The Papers Are Always in Order

One of the biggest benefits of focusing on police cars for sale in New York County is the paperwork is always in order.  The auto auction industry as a whole has become much more accountable over the last several years as the general public has gained more interest in it.  At the same time, most public auto auctions will include vehicles which have salvage titles or no title at all.  When purchasing a police car for sale in New York County, you can rest easy knowing all of the papers are already in order which makes the purchasing process easy.

2. More Rugged Suspension and Body Frame

Another benefit of buying police cars for sale in New York County is that they have a more rugged suspension and body frame.  Originally, this is added to the vehicle to allow it to easily jump curbs or hit a pothole at high speeds without affecting the drive quality or risk vehicle damage.  As the second owner of a police car you gain the same benefits.  In many cases, this benefit alone makes a used police car better than any other type of used car on the market.

3. They Often Have Bigger Engines and Better Transmissions

Along with being more durable, used police cars typically have bigger engines and better transmissions than their counterparts.  Vehicles manufactured specifically for the use of police officers have a variety of notable improvements over the same car built for consumers.  For example, they typically have an external transmission cooler.  This is what allows police cars to idle for extended periods of time without risking key damage to any part of the engine or transmission.  Additionally, the engines are built to last for up to 500,000 miles, rather than the typical 300,000 miles in consumer vehicles.

4. Repairs Are Easier and Parts Are Less Expensive

A final benefit of purchasing police cars for sale in New York County is the repair process is often much easier.  If you have ever looked under the hood of a police car, you will notice it is extremely different than a consumer vehicle.  This is because it is designed to make repairs as quick and easy as possible to minimize downtime.  As an added bonus, parts for police cars are less expensive because they are often sold with a much smaller markup.

A Few Tips to Buying Police Cars for Sale in New York County

Every type of auction has a few unique caveats which bidders should be aware of in order to save the most money while still getting the best possible vehicle.  Buying police cars for sale in New York County is no exception.  Instead of focusing on unique auction differences, it is important to understand how police cars are used in order to judge how much life they have left in them.

  • Ignore the Mileage

The biggest mistake you can make when purchasing a used police car for sale in New York County is focusing primarily on mileage to determine the health of the vehicle.  Unlike traditional consumer vehicles, police cars idle for an extended period of time.  In some cases, a car may idle or be driven for 12+ hours without ever being shut off.  As a result, the mileage is a poor indicator of how much work the engine has actually done.  Fortunately, used police cars are built to last for 500,000 miles or more, even with the excessive amount of idling the engine may be forced to handle.

  • Go to Auctions Which Have More Than Just Police Cars

The best way to save money on police cars in New York County is by finding public auto auctions which include more than just police cars.  Used police cars are extremely popular targets of taxi companies.  This is because they are durable, long-lasting, and easy to repair.  If you attend an auction which only has police cars then there will likely be a large number of taxi companies to compete with and bid against.  On the other hand, if you attend a government fleet auction which has a variety of different types of cars available, the number of taxi companies who will be competing against you will shrink.  This gives you a better opportunity to save money and land a great deal on used police cars and New York County.

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