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Police Car Auctions: Buying cars at cheap rates

The best place to buy cheap cars is at the police car auctions. Police auctions have the largest number of vehicles put up at auctions as they get the vehicles from various different sources. These vehicles have been seized by government agencies like the FBI, DEA, IRS and departments in the police force and then made available to public buyers through various different auctioneers. The vehicles are often pre owned by the government and are surplus vehicles which are sold at less than 95% of the original price because of certain laws which govern these sales. The best part is that most of the vehicles are within 2 or 3 years old and in top condition, so you get an almost brand new car at a throw away price at these government auctions.

Vehicles which are available at police car auctions

You can get yourself the most recent models in any kind of make from these vehicle auctions. The vehicles are those which have been seized and impounded because of drug raids, tax evasions, non repayment of loans taken to buy the vehicles and various other reasons by the repo auctions and other gov auctions and local auctions. Luxury cars which drug lords and those who deal in contraband goods owned can be found here for the same throw away prices. If you have a dream to own a swanky vehicle but do not have the means to do so, you can still get yourself one of these vehicles from the used car auctions which take place regularly in every town and city of the country.

How to get information on these auctions

This is really no problem and quite easily resolved, as an online search will get you information on every possible auction which is going to take place in the country. However as you will be interested only in those auctions which are going to be held in your own vicinity you can narrow down the search tot his location only.

Apart from an online search you could get to know about such auctions from the classified advertisements and the newspapers. A visit to the police departments and other government departments who are involved in these sales will also help you to find out more about police car auctions.

A third way to find out about auctions, which are about to happen, is to go through car dealers and agents. Agents and car dealers make it their business to attend all the auctions and will be more than happy to assist you if you go through them to buy your used car.

Register with the auctioneers

To get a comprehensive list of the vehicles which are going to be put up for auction, it is best that you register with the auctioneer. This can also be done online so you need not go out of your way to do it. Once you have registered with them the auctioneers will give you the list and you can decide on the cars which are of interest to you and go on to inspect them and get more information on their condition before you start bidding.

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