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Many of us are finally discovering that the best place to buy a used car from is not a car dealer or a used car showroom, but rather a car auction. Car auctions are actually the best places to buy used cars from, since most of them offer a large variety of cars to suit all kinds of needs for all kinds of prices. You can find a huge range of cars– from compacts and minis to luxury as well as sports cars up for sale in car auctions. There are many agencies and private firms that keep holding regular car auctions all over the country and you can also find out about a car auction being held in your area if you want to visit one through the internet or local media. While most car auctions, even those held by private firms will offer you better deals than used car dealers, the best car auctions are the ones that are held by government agencies, especially the police.
Some of the main features that put police car auctions right on top of the block are:

Police Car Auctions Offer The Lowest Rates:
 The main reason why police departments all over the country have to hold auctions is because they have to get rid of seized property which can include anything ranging from kitchen items to furniture to real estate and vehicles. In the same manner, the police keep on holding car auctions because they want to avoid the costs of storing loads and loads of seized inventory. So the main motive behind police car auctions is not to make profits but to avoid losses that might incur as storage charges. So the starting bid price for most vehicles at these auctions is very very less, often being equal to just around 10% of the car’s real value and many auctions even start with prices as low as a hundred to two hundred dollars!

Police Car Auctions Are As Honest As They Come:
Now that you know that your local police department is auctioning off cars because they want to get rid of them and not because they want to profit from the sale, you can rest assured that these people will not tamper with the cars being auctioned in order to earn more from the sale. So you can be certain that the car you buy from a police car auction will not have its odometer tampered or its spares changed unless this was done before the police claimed ownership. On the other hand, almost all police departments holding auctions will provide you with the vehicles’ VIN reports either for free or for a minimal price. In most cases, you will be provided with a catalogue of all the vehicles being put up for auction with details like make, model, year, mileage, special features, color, extra installed equipment and the VIN. Using this information, you can easily get a fair idea of the market price of the vehicle either from a used car dealer or a website that deals with such information. Once you know the ins and outs of the cars that you want to bid for, you can easily decide on a maximum biddable amount for yourself.

Police Car Auctions Throw Up The Largest Variety Of Cars:
People who work on the wrong side of the law include everybody ranging from petty criminals and conmen to mafia bosses and gang leaders. Since the police keeps on seizing property from people with different means and incomes, they also come in possession of cars ranging from the average Joe’s daily compact to the celebrity’s luxury sedan. If you are one of those people who keeps dreaming of owning Mercedes’ and Maseratis but are restricted by your pocket, then a police car auction is the best place for you. Police car auctions generally have some vehicles that belong to the luxury brand or sports car category and these are the auctions where you have the highest chance of bidding on Lamborghinis and BMWs. If you are a collector of cars, then again a police car auction is the place where you will be able to find the maximum number of collectible, vintage and limited edition cars coming up when compared to other general car auctions.

A Police Car Auction Requires Minimum Formalities: As far as most car auctions held by police departments are concerned, you are not even required to register for the auction. All you need to do in order to participate in a police car auction is have your own driver’s license and be above eighteen years of age. If there was ever a no-fuss auction, then a police car auction it is!

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