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Police Auctions Provide Great Bargains for Buyers

Ever wondered what Police Departments do with all of the seized, confiscated and abandoned vehicles and items they hold at any time?  Do you want to buy a new car, laptop or iPod but can’t afford to pay full price?  Well Police Department auctions are the answer to both questions.

Each year, across the United States, Police Departments come into possession thousands and thousands of items that they do not and cannot hold forever.  So to get rid of the property they sell them at auction.  There are bicycles, jewelry, tools, and electronic equipment as well as cars, trucks and motorcycles.  Most of the items are in perfect working order as much of it is seized directly from people’s possession, or was stolen from the original owner and left abandoned.

Police auctions are held both in the live and online format.  Online auctions are becoming increasingly popular but they don’t beat the ability to be able to check out the item you wish to buy before auction, and check out your bidding competition during the auction.  But for many, the convenience of online auctions is what leads them to bid online.

Police auctions, and government auctions generally, are safer in that buyers are dealing with the law, not some unknown seller.  Also, given that the police and government just want to get rid of the items, buyers can pick up great bargains.  Up to 90% off normal market price is not unusual. 

So next time you are in the market to buy an item and you are short of cash (or just want a bargain!) then check out police department auctions.

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