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Police Auctions in San Francisco: Source a Great Deal

Sourcing a great deal on a used car has never been easier with the great deals on offer at police car auctions in San Francisco, CA. Police auctions take place all over San Francisco and usually include repossessed and seized cars that the government can no longer store in their car yards, as well as older government fleets that have been replaced by newer models. Police auctions really are the best source for getting a fantastic deal, as often you pay just a fraction of the cost that you would at a dealership.

Auctions dates and times can be found easily on auction websites and often they can be found in local papers around San Francisco. Many auctions around San Francisco also have an online component, which means you can view vehicles online and often you can even bid on the vehicles, meaning you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home to purchase the car of your dreams.

When you visit the police car auctions in San Francisco, you can inspect the vehicles prior to bidding. This means you can check out the interior, exterior and engine of the cars you are interested in to see what kind of condition they are in before you think about purchasing them. It is often a smart idea to bring along someone who knows a bit about cars who can tell you if the car is really a good deal, or if you will need to spend money on it later mechanically.

Always have an idea of your budget and how much you are willing to spend on the used car of your choice. If you research makes and models of vehicles on the internet beforehand you will get an idea of what makes and models sell for at retail price. Cars at auctions are usually known to sell for up to 60% off the market value, so once you have an idea of what you would expect to pay on the vehicle brand new, you can get an idea of how much you would buy it for at auction.

It is really important to not get carried away when bidding at auction. This could be dangerous as you should always stick to a budget and you don’t want to be paying more for a vehicle when you should be getting it at a great price. The whole idea of auction is to get a much better idea than you would normally get at a dealership. It is also a good idea to remember that the government hasn’t actually paid anything for the cars so they are making profit on each one they sell.

Whatever kind of car you are looking for, you have a great chance of finding it at a police auction in San Francisco. If you do your research and know the market values of cars at auction, you will really come away with a great deal that you will be driving in no time.

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