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Police auctions in Nashville,TN: Ex Government Cars

Nashville police auctions are held throughout the year. The residents of Nashville are also allowed to attend these police auctions. Initially it was thought that these auctions are frequented only by the big companies and other big shots but the locals are also welcome here.

The actual procedure

To attend a police auction or the government auction in Nashville TN the first step is to get registered. The auction firms conducting the auction sets up office and one can go and get registered here. This registration is also done at the local police station or you would be given instructions regarding the same. Usually this registration is free of charge but some auction firms charge a minimum amount as the registration fee so that the serious buyers are distinguished. The lists of cars that are going to be put up for auction are given to the customers once the registration is over. The details of the auction like the date, the venue are all specified and informed to the customer.

The details of the cars in Nashville are especially useful since the customer can actually go through the list and come to a decision as to the choice of the car. On the day of the auction the customer can take along a mechanic and he is allowed entry after checking the registration. The customer is allowed to check the cars he is interested in thoroughly. The bidding begins on one car at a time. This procedure is a bit slow and by the time the car of your interest comes for bidding it might be a while. The bidding continues and the highest bidder wins the bid. Once the bidding is over the money has to be paid and the legal papers of the car is transferred to the winner’s name. The car is ready to be taken home.

The government used cars auctions are the right place to look for bargains in Nashville TN. The dreams are realized when you are able to buy good quality cars at cheap prices. In regular vehicle auctions the cars are not in good conditions. But in police auctions that is not the case. The cars are well maintained and kept clean. Most of the cars are as good as new. The cars are sold at cheap prices since the aim of the government auctions are to dispose off the vehicles as soon as possible. This is because the government gets such cars in hundreds and to maintain such a huge number of cars is difficult and cumbersome. Hence the haste in their disposal and clearance.

Government cars

Government cars provided to the government officials for their travel and commutation to the office and other field work in Nashville TN. In the course of time these cars are changed and replaced. During such procedures the used cars are sent for auction and new ones are ordered for the officials. The cars are well maintained and are usually in good condition. They are excess stock and have to be cleared. These cars are good deals if you can land one.

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