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Police Auctions in Carolina: Source a Good Deal

Police Auctions in Carolina are the best used car deals and you can get yourself a great car at a cheap price from the police auctions. These auctions take place all over the country as the police have a lot of seized vehicles which they have to dispose of, as well as those from their own departments which have to be replaced by newer ones periodically. In larger cities the auctions happen at regular intervals as the vehicles will accumulate and become too much to handle otherwise. However, in smaller towns there are not so many vehicles and the auctions may not happen at such regular intervals. However, the cars that are seized by the police department are put up for auctions at any of the used car auctions or local auctions.

Notifications of police auctions

The police car auctions are normally advertised online on a particular site which teams up with the police department to make known to the public more information on the auctions. The date, venue and time are given out on these sites and the site deals with different localities periodically. The auctions are either published in the newsletters of that particular area, put in classified advertisements or the information is given online. For those who are interested in obtaining a list of the vehicles on auction here, all they have to do is to register and they will be given the comprehensive list of vehicles.
Inspection of cars at auctions

Inspection of the cars is allowed at the auction sites and people could check out the interiors, exteriors and the engines of the vehicles to see what condition they are in. This is usually permitted prior to the auction date so that people have an idea of what they are going to be bidding for finally.  Bring along a technically sound person who can tell you about the condition of the car so that you have expert advice on this. The cars which have been put up for auction from accidents and from surplus vehicle sources will come without a warranty or a guarantee and in as is where is condition.

After inspecting the car it is best to get an idea of what such a car would cost you in the open market. Cars at vehicle auctions and repo auctions always cost you much less than the market value and are usually sold at 50 to 60% off the market value. So once you know what the price of the car should be make your bidding value somewhere around this price. Auction cars are supposed to be cheap cars price wise, and you do not want to throw away money on it because you do not know what the value is.
Be prudent while bidding

While bidding at any of the government auctions for a used car which you have short listed, always start your bids at a low level so that you do not get carried away and end up with a high bid for the car. This defeats the purpose of getting a good deal for a police auction vehicle as you are going to end up paying a much higher price for it. So take care and watch out how you bid as there is no point in paying a high price for a used car which should be coming to you cheap.

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