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Pittsburgh Car Auctions: Quality cars at Pittsburgh car auctions

Pittsburgh car auctions and other police car auctions organized by various government bodies take your breath away with wonderful bargains on some of the best used car models in town. Government auto auctions like police car auctions are now declared public car auctions, which means you need not be a dealer to take home the best cars for cheap! There are live as well as online car auctions for the benefit of the people and word is already spreading around. So it is time to roll up your sleeves and get your car home.

Registration procedure

Registration is usually free of cost at all government auctions, whether Pittsburgh car auctions or others. These public car auctions are doing all they can to encourage the general public to come and bid for cars. You might be asked to show your age proof (auction is for those above 18 only) and driving license. Once you clear eligibility and fill out a simple registration form, you are given your bidder identification for the day.

Inspect the cars

Government run live and online car auctions like Pittsburgh car auctions offer seized cars and repossessed cars for sale. The quality of cars is much higher at these public car auctions when compared to ordinary trash car sales where the cars are quite old and problematic. But it is still advisable to get your mechanic along and inspect the cars fully. Documents are available on request, so you can be sure of a fully legal sale.

The bidding process

If you know the basics of car auctions, then you should be aware that the police car auctions like Pittsburgh car auctions are all as-is. Also, you cannot walk out without paying, once you win a bid. The same applies even with online car auctions. Here you choose from pictures of cars and get refund if you ask within a predefined time. Bid well and stay within your budget restriction. Be ready to go for a second choice if your favorite is won by someone else. Or you could walk out midway and get back to similar Pittsburgh car auctions again next time.

All said and done, plan well, bid well and get your dream car!

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